Shedding the Pounds of Shame and Guilt

Wanted to give you all an update about my road trip. Since returning home from the road trip I have let go of 12 pounds of weight. Of course, it is not really about weight I discovered, but about shame and guilt from my childhood. When I was able to leave my friend and take care of myself first it was a big breakthrough for me. It was difficult and in the past I would not have done it. I would have sacrificed my own health and happiness for her. Even though she was not my responsibility and she didn’t want me to stay, this is what I was taught to do as a child for my Mom when she was sick. After all these years I was able to choose my own well being over someone else. I am sharing this because I know there are many others who put themselves last and they don’t need to. Your first responsibility is to yourself. Love yourself enough. I finally do.