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Aloha Everyone, Today I will be working at the Wellness tent at the Resonatefest music festival in Camp Verde, AZ. I will be there tomorrow too and Sunday giving my hooponopono workshop there. I am really looking forward to hearing all these high vibe bands that I...

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Resonatefest Booth

HI everyone, Just wanted to let you know about a new big festival that I will be participating in Oct. 11-13th. It is on a large ranch in Camp Verde, AZ. It will have several music venues, a healer tent, food vendors and workshops. It is drug and alcohol free event...

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Retreat  Canceled, Reiki Class Scheduled

Retreat Canceled, Reiki Class Scheduled

HI All, Just wanted to let you know that I am going to have to cancel the retreat to Mt. Shasta next week. I didn't have anyone to go with me. Maybe next year. If you are interested in going on retreat to Mt. Shasta with me, please plan ahead and let me know because...

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Muana Kea Protest

Aloha All, I have been heart sore for the last few weeks as the Hawaiian people are again fighting to get respect and protection for their sacred places. There are many telescopes already on top of the sacred volcano Muana Kea, which Hawaiians believe is the place...

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Mt. Shasta Retreat

HI Everyone, If you follow me on Facebook or know me very well you know that I love Mt. Shasta. It is a sacred mountain where the ascended masters meet and the Lemurian City of Telos is said to be inside of it. I have visited MT. Shasta three times and each time has...

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Stop Playing Small

Aloha Everyone, Today I want to write especially to all my lightworker friends and co-workers. I want to say that it is no longer ok to hide our light, to play small, to stay in the shadows. Many of us have done this for too long, feeling we are not safe or that we...

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