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Compassionate Healing

by Debbie Dehm
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Welcome to my healing sanctuary

I offer Reiki, spiritual counseling and channeled readings from Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion. I am offering spiritual counseling and energy healing from a higher dimensional perspective. If you would like to develop your spiritual gifts, find out what they are, connect with your guides or just learn more about the metaphysical world, please contact me. If you have found me and feel you need to connect with me please give me a call and make an appointment. I’m available in Sedona AZ for Massage, Reiki, and spiritual counseling. I can also give phone readings.

About Debbie


Debbie Dehm is a licensed massage therapist and reiki master with 25 years of experience. She is also a teacher and spiritual counselor and channel for the Goddess of Compassion, Quan Yin. She practices Reiki, Swedish and Lomi Lomi massage and reflexology. During a session with Debbie she will use all her knowledge to help you heal yourself. You can expect a very unique and individualized experience. She may use crystals, essential oils in your healing as well as massage or reiki. She also may give messages from spirit if you would be open to it. Readings are also offered as a separate service. She is available for group channelings and schedules them when called by spirit that are open to the public.

She gives spiritual counseling and teaches meditation and reiki classes. She is a licensed minister in Sedona AZ and can perform weddings and other ceremonies.


She has studied Hawaiian spiritual practices with Auntie Puanani Mahoe, a Hawaiian Kahuna and Somatic Energetics with Dr. Michael McBride. She has been on a healing and spiritual journey for many years and is always learning new things.

You can contact her at or call (808) 856-1962

Massage and Reiki are $80 per hour. Readings are $119  for an hour or $65 for half an hour. Long distance reiki sessions and spiritual counseling are also available. Credit cards are also accepted. Gift certificates are available.

Debbie has discovered a new gift of talking to infants in the womb! If you are pregnant she can tell you whatever your baby wants you to know. They talk about what they want their name to be, who they were before, and what they like etc.. Must be in person call for an appt. (808) 856-1962.

New Testimonial

Hello All,  Just wanted to share a wonderful new testimonial I received from a client about my healing work.

You can also see some old channeled messages on YOUTUBE as well as some of the facebook live channels.


Debbie will be offering a series of a retreat workshops in power places around the world. These are being led by Debbie and the ascended masters she channels who want to teach us how to live in the fifth dimensional world of our future. We are now in the age of Aquarius and we have left the age of Pisces. The age of Pisces was represented by the two fish or duality, good and bad, light and dark. The age of Aquarius is a completely different perspective of non-duality of things not being good or bad they just exist, without judgement. This is how things are in the higher dimensions that we are moving into, so it takes a different way of operating in them to manifest our dreams.. If you would like to see samples of Debbie’s channelings she is giving free channeled messages every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. (Arizona time) on her Facebook page, “Debbie Dehm”.
If you would like to attend a retreat or have questions please call or e-mail Debbie.

What’s Up

Aloha Everyone, Today I will be working at the Wellness tent at the Resonatefest music festival in Camp Verde, AZ. I will be there tomorrow too and Sunday giving my hooponopono workshop there. I am really looking forward to hearing all these high vibe bands that I...

Resonatefest Booth

HI everyone, Just wanted to let you know about a new big festival that I will be participating in Oct. 11-13th. It is on a large ranch in Camp Verde, AZ. It will have several music venues, a healer tent, food vendors and workshops. It is drug and alcohol free event...

Retreat  Canceled, Reiki Class Scheduled

Retreat Canceled, Reiki Class Scheduled

HI All, Just wanted to let you know that I am going to have to cancel the retreat to Mt. Shasta next week. I didn't have anyone to go with me. Maybe next year. If you are interested in going on retreat to Mt. Shasta with me, please plan ahead and let me know because...

Muana Kea Protest

Aloha All, I have been heart sore for the last few weeks as the Hawaiian people are again fighting to get respect and protection for their sacred places. There are many telescopes already on top of the sacred volcano Muana Kea, which Hawaiians believe is the place...

Mt. Shasta Retreat

HI Everyone, If you follow me on Facebook or know me very well you know that I love Mt. Shasta. It is a sacred mountain where the ascended masters meet and the Lemurian City of Telos is said to be inside of it. I have visited MT. Shasta three times and each time has...

Stop Playing Small

Aloha Everyone, Today I want to write especially to all my lightworker friends and co-workers. I want to say that it is no longer ok to hide our light, to play small, to stay in the shadows. Many of us have done this for too long, feeling we are not safe or that we...

Hooponopono Workshop

Happy Summer Solstice to all! As we go into this season it is a time to harvest all we have planted. I have been planting seeds to teach more, time to use all the wisdom I have been gathering these last ten years and pass it on. I am teaching a workshop on Sunday...

Road Trip Shakeup

HI Everyone, I wanted to share with all of you something that happened to me a few weeks ago. I went on a road trip with a friend, to kind of get out of a rut I felt I was in, and see if I could manifest something new in my life. Well, I got way more than I bargained...

Shedding the Pounds of Shame and Guilt

Shedding the Pounds of Shame and Guilt Wanted to give you all an update about my road trip. Since returning home from the road trip I have let go of 12 pounds of weight. Of course, it is not really about weight I discovered, but about shame and guilt from my...

Spring is Here!

Namaste beloveds, New life is springing up all around you. You too will be seeing a new life for yourselves emerge in the coming days. We bring you great news of better things to come to your world. There is the promise that the energies of polarity in all its forms...

Channeled Readings

Debbie has been a channel for the Goddess of Compassion Quan Yin for the last 15 years. She can also channel your loved ones from the other side, and other ascended masters, angels, guides and other teachers in spirit.  Debbie developed her gifts by learning Reiki twenty years ago. She noticed that she was receiving messages for her massage and Reiki clients when she worked on them. She then started attending a Spiritualist Church and learned much more about talking to spirit and other metaphysical subjects. She also took the Ishayas Ascension technique a wonderful meditation technique that accelerated her growth and increased her vibration.

She asked Quan Yin to come and be her guide as she desired to learn more about the virtue of compassion. A year later, when Debbie was attending a Tibetan monks concert Quan Yin came to Debbie and announced she had come to be her guide. This was a turning point for Debbie in her life and from then on she has dedicated her self to the Bodhisattva  path to help all people on Earth ascend with the Earth.  Debbie can give readings in person at her home or on the phone. Payment is required in advance and an appointment is needed.

During a reading you will also receive healing tones from Quan Yin if needed. Debbie will start every reading with a prayer. She will only channel beings of the highest vibration and your loved ones. Debbie prefers you have questions in mind and you may take notes or record the session. No recording will be provided because sometimes recordings do not work and the tape will be blank.  Individual readings are $119 for an hour or $65 for a half hour. Reiki is $80 per hour and spiritual counseling is $300 for 3 half hour sessions that can be spread out over a year. Please call for an appointment. (808) 856-1962 Arizona time.

Wedding Officiant Services

Debbie is a Universal Life Church Minister and a licensed Minister in Sedona AZ She can perform your wedding ceremony tailor made to suit the unique personality and beliefs of the couple. Debbie is happy to assist you in writing vows or perform a traditional Christian ceremony with an Hawaiian twist. Debbie has been the student of an Hawaiian Kahuna, Auntie Puanani Mahoe for several years and can add an Hawaiian touch to your ceremony. Rev. Debbie uses a sliding scale for her fee to perform weddings.
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Massage Therapy


Debbie is a licensed massage therapist with 25 years of experience. She performs a unique style of Lomi Lomi from Big Island of Hawaii, where it was started by a martial arts teacher who studied Lomi Lomi along with Chinese medicine. She can also give Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology and Reiki. She is available by appointment in Sedona AZ and can also make house calls if needed. Massage is $80 an hour and house calls are additional $10. Reiki is also $80 an hour. Debbie is also a Reiki master and teaches Reiki classes by request.