Debbie will be offering a series of a retreat workshops in power places around the world. These are being led by Debbie and the ascended masters she channels who want to teach us how to live in the fifth dimensional world of our future. We are now in the age of Aquarius and we have left the age of Pisces. The age of Pisces was represented by the two fish or duality, good and bad, light and dark. The age of Aquarius is a completely different perspective of non-duality of things not being good or bad they just exist, without judgement. This is how things are in the higher dimensions that we are moving into, so it takes a different way of operating in them to manifest our dreams.
The first retreat was held here on Maui and will be repeated in Sedona, AZ and in IL in March of 2017. It is called “Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin and ST. Germaine” We will spend two days doing some exercises and group meditations to practice this new way of manifesting. Debbie will also channel for the group and give everyone a half hour private session with her. If you would like to see samples of Debbie’s channelings she is giving free channeled messages every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. (Hawaii time) on this Facebook page, Compassionate Healing. There are also some old videos on YOUTUBE.
If you would like to attend a retreat or have questions please call or e-mail Debbie.