Ascension Ceremony Offered

Aloha All,

I am happy to announce that the ascended masters have asked me to continue the work of Aurelia Louise Jones in offering ascension ceremonies.  Aurelia initiated many candidates in her home in Mt. Shasta over the years.  The ascended masters said in my Sunday live channeling that these ceremonies need to continue for those who want to make the commitment to their own ascension and to help everyone ascend.  Each time the ceremony is performed the energy builds and the chalice of light is increased and is encompassing the whole of the Earth.  Here is a quote from the book, “The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality”  Adama leader of Telos speaking:” Ascension does not require the doing of so many things, but is all about becoming, embracing and remembering to live your lives as the God/Goddesses that you are. It means fully embracing the divinity that already exists within you through the expansion of your consciousness as Beings of Love, and living from the wisdom of the heart. It is that simple, my beloveds. If you become this, you do not need anything else. All this already exists and lives within you. I remind you that there is nothing outside the SELF. ”

So I will be hosting the ascension ceremony once a month in my home on Maui and wherever I am when traveling. If you are interested in attending the ceremony on Maui it will be on June 21st, summer solstice at 7 p.m. Please call to reserve your spot. There will be a small fee of $10. (808) 856-1962

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