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Reiki Healing Maui, Reiki Massage Maui, Compassionate HealingAloha All,

I arrived in IL last week and went straight to the hospital to see my niece who was very sick. Thank God and all the nurses and doctors  who saw her safely home by the end of the week. So now that she is better I have had time to acclimate to being back on the mainland and the different energy that it has. I am looking forward to connecting with all my old friends and clients. I have a workshop set up for Sept. 9th in Galesburg, IL at the Inner Wisdom Bookstore from 12-4. It will be $77.00. The topic is “Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin and St. Germaine”  a 5th dimensional way to manifestation instead of a 3-d way. I will also channel for everyone at the workshop.  Please register in advance by calling me at (808) 856-1962 there is limited space available.

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