Reiki Circle

Hi Everyone, I am going to try to be more consistent with my blog posts. Day 2. Wanted to let you know if you are in the local Cottonwood, AZ area or just traveling through, I host a Reiki circle every Tues. at noon at Center of Universal Light, studio B. We only ask for a small donation to rent the space. Everyone gets a 15 minute healing and you do not have to know Reiki to receive a healing. We are there to serve. If you are a practitioner and would like to practice circle is a great way to do it. I am also available to teach Reiki classes upon request. Please join us.

Weekly Guided Meditation

Hi Everyone, Long time since I have made a post. Things have been in flux in my life. The new year started off at a running pace. Wanted to let you know that I will be hosting a free guided meditation every Monday morning at 10 a.m. at Tribal Wellness in Sedona. It is located at 1835 89-A suite 2 , next to Picasso’s Pizza. I will also be offering Reiki sessions and channeled readings there. This is a very interesting venue as it is a psychology practice with two psychologist and they are also offering sound healing, massage, reiki and readings as well as events and classes. It is a beautiful space and I am happy to be able to offer this service to the community there. Please come see me. IF you would like to make an appointment with me there you can call them directly at (928) 202-9187.

Manifestation Class

Aloha All, It will soon be a new year and the perfect time to think about what you will manifest in the coming year. To help you out I will be teaching Manifesting Through the Heart with St. Germaine and Quan Yin on Jan. 13th at Crystal Magic Psychic center in Sedona, AZ. I was given the information from this class directly from channeling ST. Germaine. I will also channel messages from Quan Yin for everyone during this class. We will learn the way the ascended masters create instant manifestation through the heart energy, as is done in the 5th dimension, not the mental way of the 3rd dimension. Please join us at 6 p.m. Investment required is $25.00. I am also offering individual mentoring sessions when you buy a package of 3 sessions for $555.00. These will be mastermind sessions where we will focus on your personal goals and how to get there using 5-D tools. These are phone sessions by appointment one to two hours long. Call me at (808) 856-1962 or email at

Winter Solstice 2019

Aloha All,

Wow, what a year 2019 has been. So much upheaval on the planet, growing pains of Mother Gaias ascension and our own with her. Will our physical forms be able to assimilate the increasing solar energies that are being downloaded into our consciousness on a daily basis? How are you doing so far? Did you have a rough year? How is your health? How are your finances? How is your family? I am sure we have all had our challanges. I am doing well considering all that has been happening. I am feeling in the world but not of it. I do my best to go about my work of spreading light, healing and wisdom to all that I encounter. I’m still human of course, and can get caught up in the drama at times but I am aware that much is illusion and I can connect with the divine presence in my heart whenever I need to come back to my center. I can tell you it is long past time to deal with our issues and clear ourselves of our traumas and wounds. If you are someone who has not done this work, it is imperative you do it now if you want to continue on this Earth plane. Sadly, many people have not and are now choosing to leave so they can continue their soul journey on the other side. If you need help do not waste anymore time in reaching out and asking for it. It is time for lightworkers to no longer seek out those in need but to work with those who have already processed through much and need help navigating the higher vibrations we are now in. There is a seperation coming. Fellow lightworkers we need to gather together and manifest the future heaven on Earth. Time to move forward. We have been held back more than once to bring the laggers with us. With great compassion we have waited, and held hands, and been patient with those who procrastinated and feared but we can no longer wait. The Earth will have her ascension and although she wants us to continue with her, she does not need us to do it. I have witnessed many people from all walks of life, and places on the planet waking up this year and I am thrilled for them. I have also seen many who are still stuck in the maya and do nothing to help themselves, learn, grow or even understand what is happening. We can not worry about them any longer. The wave is cresting and we must ride it. I have taken the vow of the Bodhivista and I want all people to ascend so it is time to have the ruthless compassion to tell the truth. To shout from the rooftops for the unawakened to WAKE UP! Your world is burning down and we must rise like the Phoenix from the ashes. We will create a new world based in Love and compassion for all beings. If you are willing to do the work needed contact me. (808) 856-1962.


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What’s Up

Aloha Everyone,

Today I will be working at the Wellness tent at the Resonatefest music festival in Camp Verde, AZ. I will be there tomorrow too and Sunday giving my hooponopono workshop there. I am really looking forward to hearing all these high vibe bands that I have never seen before. I do know Astarius Maraculi who plays today.

I have also been teaching Reiki classes again and giving lots of sessions at the Namti Spa in Sedona where I am working. I can now offer 4 CEUs for a Reiki class.

I am starting a new project called Angel by the Minute where I will give spiritual counseling sessions for those new to the path in person or by phone for $2.00 a minute. This is the first step in a bigger vision for being of service to those newly awakening. So if you are feeling in need of this service give me a call. (808) 856-1962. Specializing in ordinary guys who need some help getting started, meditating, healing, communicating etc..

Resonatefest Booth

HI everyone,

Just wanted to let you know about a new big festival that I will be participating in Oct. 11-13th. It is on a large ranch in Camp Verde, AZ. It will have several music venues, a healer tent, food vendors and workshops. It is drug and alcohol free event for all ages. There will be a petting soon for the kids and things for them to do. IT is a three day event. I will be giving Reiki and a hooponopono workshop. Please check out the website and get your tickets. It also includes camping at the site.

You can buy a ticket for one, two or all three days. I am really excited about this festival and hope it will be a yearly event. Get your tickets early as the early bird tickets are already sold out.

Retreat Canceled, Reiki Class Scheduled

HI All,

Just wanted to let you know that I am going to have to cancel the retreat to Mt. Shasta next week. I didn’t have anyone to go with me. Maybe next year. If you are interested in going on retreat to Mt. Shasta with me, please plan ahead and let me know because the best time to go is late summer. Labor day weekend would be a great time. I am so sad to have to cancel staying in the Portal House B&B, I was so looking forward to it. The good news is that I have scheduled a Reiki I class for Sept. 8th and I can offer 4 hours of CEUs for massage therapists for the class. It is $175 and I need two days notice if you want to attend. It comes with a book. Busy season is about to start in Sedona so no time to take off work again until maybe January. Maybe I can go visit my friends on Maui then. Hope you all are managing the ups and downs of all the solar flares and the increase in the Schumman resonance well.  Blessings, Debbie








Muana Kea Protest

Aloha All,

I have been heart sore for the last few weeks as the Hawaiian people are again fighting to get respect and protection for their sacred places. There are many telescopes already on top of the sacred volcano Muana Kea, which Hawaiians believe is the place their Gods came down to Earth and started all life. There is no way someone who is not Hawaiian can understand the feeling of desecration they feel over these things being built on this land. Now the government has given permission for a multi-national corporation to build an 18 story telescope on the mountain. This is not necessary! They have another location they could build it on. Instead Hawaiian kapunas have been arrested as they chained themselves to the cattle guards on the road to block the construction crews. Please send them your prayers, your aloha and do what you can to help them. Contact the lawmakers in Hawaii and in Congress from Hawaii, tell them to stop this disrespectful action. Send them donations for bail money and court costs. They are also feeding and taking care of all the protestors who are still on the mountain. They are even teaching Hawaiian history and language classes making the best of the time people are spending up there. Call the Governors office as he is the one who is backing the construction company and lying about conditions in the protectors camp. Mahalo for your help.

Mt. Shasta Retreat

HI Everyone,

If you follow me on Facebook or know me very well you know that I love Mt. Shasta. It is a sacred mountain where the ascended masters meet and the Lemurian City of Telos is said to be inside of it. I have visited MT. Shasta three times and each time has been magical. I can connect telepathically very easily with Adama, (the leader of Telos) and St. Germaine when I am there. Last time I got pictures of the violet flame! So for my birthday this year I want to host a retreat on this beautiful mountain. Please join me Sept. 6th-8th for a few days of communication with the ascended masters, hiking, visiting waterfalls and lava tubes, group channelings and meditations. I have found a wonderful retreat center where we can all stay together and it even has a sweat lodge and medicine wheel. We will be cooking and eating meals together. Investment for the retreat is $300 plus $35 per night lodging. If you opt to stay somewhere else that is ok but we will all meet up during the day at the retreat center. Everyone will also get a personal channeled reading, which is normally $119.oo. If you are interested in going with me. Please call me asap at (808) 856-1962. I will be asking for a 50% deposit by Aug. 15th.

violet flame

Stop Playing Small

Aloha Everyone,

Today I want to write especially to all my lightworker friends and co-workers. I want to say that it is no longer ok to hide our light, to play small, to stay in the shadows. Many of us have done this for too long, feeling we are not safe or that we are not understood. Some of us remember past lives where we were tortured, imprisoned or even killed so we practice in secret. We struggle with abundance because we are afraid to put out there what we are really capable of. Some of you can do miraculous things, facilitate amazing healing, shift large areas of the Earth working with the grids. So many talents not being used to their fullest because we are afraid, or not confident enough to put it out there. I say no more! I want to shine my light so everyone can really see me and I hope all of you will join me. We also need to be compensated well for what we are doing. Tell people what you are able to do for them and then ask for proper payment. This is our work, our calling and worthy of payment like any other work. We are not doing this only for ourselves we are helping everyone. I had a situation recently where I did not set a clear boundary with what I expected to be paid for my work and I really regret it, so I say no more. I will ask for what I deserve for my time and effort. I hope you all will do the same.