Message From St. Germaine

Aloha All,   I am so excited because today I got a great message from ST. Germaine to use at my retreat coming up next weekend.  I am thrilled to get such a clear and useful message and can’t wait to share it.  I am not going to reveal it in this  blog but only to people who attend the retreats because it is part of a group of teachings that will be an on going lesson.  I will tell you the first thing he said to me was, Watching TV is a waste of time and energy and that we are to do more uplifting things.  (Mostly a personal message aimed at me this one)  but for those of us who sit on the couch too much that is his advice. So if you want to hear the rest of the message sign up for the retreat by calling me at (808) 856-1962.  Namaste, Debbie

Class Topics

Aloha All,

I am interested in seeing what topics you all might be interested in learning.  If you have been on a spiritual journey for a long time or just started on the path, I would like to help with whatever I am able to do for you. Here are a list of topics I have taught in the past or would love to teach.  What  would you all like to learn about? Please let me know.    Reiki- I have been a reiki master for 20 years now and love to teach it.   Meditation- I like to help beginners get started with easy, short meditations and different methods according to what works for you.  Spirit guides- How to meet yours and how to work with them to help you in your life.  These are just a few topics. Please let me know your ideas. Blessings,



How I Became a Channel

Aloha All,

Just wanted to give you all some background of how I became a channel. I first started to get psychic impressions from clients when I became a Reiki practitioner and then a Reiki master. I joined a Reiki share group and had a lot of psychic friends. One day one of these friends said  that someone was trying to speak through me and I needed to sit down and listen. So next time  I was meditating I said, OK,  I am listening who are you?  This man started speaking very fast to me in French, but I don’t speak French, so I said please speak in English and slow down. I got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down what I heard. He said his name was Pierre Telurad de Chardin, I had no idea who he was at the time and had to google him  to find out. What he said was so profound and so not at all like I speak I knew it was not coming from me and was not my imagination.  I continued to channel messages from him for a few years. Eventually, I ended up channeling others like Abraham Lincoln and Quan Yin. Sometimes I channel in writing and sometimes through my voice.

RSVP Today!

Aloha All,  if you are planning on coming to the retreat,  “Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin”  please RSVP today. I need to know at least a week in advance how many people are coming. Give me a call if you have any questions.  Auntie Puanani Mahoe will be giving the blessing and a short talk too. The hours are 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. on Sat. and 2p.m.- 6 p.m. on Sunday  Aug. 27th and 28th.    Blessings, Debbie

What is Channeling?

Aloha  All,

People often ask me what is channeling exactly?  So  I thought today I would explain channeling in general and how my channeling comes through.  Channeling is basically allow a spirit, angel, guide, or ascended master  to speak through you either by trance writing or speaking.  Sometimes this is called automatic writing if it is written down.  Others have the spirit take over their  whole body or just the voice.  One can be a full trance channel where the spirit moves the person out to a safe place and completely inhabits  the person’s body for a time.  In this case the channeler  will not remember any of what is said while they are in trance.  In my case I am a partial trance channel so I am not completely gone and I do remember most of what is said although they are not my words.

Auntie Pua Blessing Retreat

Auntie Pua Mahoe
Auntie Pua Mahoe

Aloha,  Just a short update about my retreat.  Auntie Pua Mahoe, a Hawaiian kapuna will be giving the opening blessing. I am honored to have her as my teacher and mentor and so happy she will be at the retreat.

Mt. Shasta Retreat

I would like to share a little bit of what happened when I went to a retreat on Mt. Shasta and the amazing picture I got of the violet flame. For those of you who may not know I have been to mt. Shasta two other times hoping to be invited into the city of Telos that is supposed to be inside the mountain. Twice I have found a doorway but not yet have I been allowed inside. This last trip I feel I was shown the door but not with my naked eyes, it showed up in the picture I took, that I didn’t see until the next day. Here is the picture.


“Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin and St Germaine” a retreat

Aloha All, Well I have returned from a spiritual retreat in Mt. Shasta inspired to put on my own retreat here on Maui. It is called “Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin and St. Germaine” It will be Aug. 27th and 28th at the Temple of Peace, Aqualani spa which we will have private use of for the two days. The spa includes a hot tub, infared sauna, steam sauna and cold pool. So bring your swimming suits. We will also take a field trip on Sat. to the Sacred Garden to walk the labyrinth. The retreat will focus on how to connect with the heart and manifest our lives from there instead of using the head all the time. We will do some fun exercises, guided meditations and I will channel Quan Yin and ST Germaine. Everyone will also get a half hour private healing or reading with me. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Please call asap for a reservation because space is limited to 10 people. Call Debbie at (808) 856-1962 or e-mail at

For those of you not living on Maui or who are not familiar with the Temple of Peace it is an interfaith ministry and healing center. Services are held every Sunday morning at 10:30 as well as many other activities during the week such as yoga, satsang, improv. performances, concerts etc… There is also massage and colonic therapy available there. There is also a lovely Bed and Breakfast right next to the church.

Retreat on Maui

Aloha All, I am planning a two day retreat on Maui. It will be called “Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin”

We will be meeting in a lovely spa location outside with a hottub, sauanas and cold tub. Light snacks and smoothies will be provided. We will have group meditations, group channelings and ceremonies and everyone will have a half hour private healing or reading with me. IF you are interested in attending please contact me asap. Dates are tentatively scheduled for Aug. 27 & 28. Call me at (808) 856-1962. Mahalo, Debbie


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