Channeling at Temple of Peace

Aloha All,

As my time on Maui is coming to an end I will be channeling at the Temple of Peace at 10:30 a.m..  So I will not be doing the live facebook channeling this week or next. I look forward to being in IL during the Aug. 21st solar eclipse as it will be visible from there. We are going through a very intense time this month and next with eclipses, two full moons and equinox coming up in Sept. As Quan Yin has explained before it is during these times you need to ride the wave of the energies and not cling to the past, your fears or anything that is of the old 3D world that is moving out of your life. Also a time where you need to be very gentle with yourself and rest as much as possible, eat healthy high vibration food and water, get bodywork, swim in the ocean or take a salt bath. Purify and cleanse your body and take in as much of the energies coming from the sun as you can handle. If you have any remaining fears, LET IT GO NOW!  We are depending on you the front line lightworkers to be the Peace,  Love, and Joy you wish to see in the world, be the example for others to follow. When you are having a difficult time, reach out to us and others in your soul family. Help each other. We are here for you always, just call on us. Namaste, Quan Yin

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