Divine Ray for Wed. is the Emerald Green Ray

“The emerald green ray of the divine flame of healing, precipitation and divine abundance is amplified. Focus on the energies of divine healing in all aspects of your life. This is a balancing and soothing energy that will assist you to align the many distortions you have created with your lives. Invoke and visualize this radiant green liquid healing light for all areas of your life that need transformation. The green ray also governs the laws of divine abundance and prosperity. Also invoke this great emerald green flame to pave the way for the manifestation and precipitation of all your physical and spiritual desires.” from Adama, Leader of Telos.
So I would suggest getting a green candle for your altar and do your meditation with it burning, say your prayers for healing and manifestation and leave it burning until it burns all the way down. IF you can not leave it unattended get a small candle that won’t take so long to burn out. Also you can anoint the candle with an essential oil that you like and the heat will release the scent as well as increase the vibration. Good oils for raising vibration are rose, frankincense, myrh, spikenard, or helichrisum.

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