Focus Needed

Aloha All,

Yesterday I got into a political discussion with some co-workers and I felt while we were talking my neck and shoulders start to tense up. I tried at first not to be drawn into the conversation at all as I know what we see,  and hear, and much of what the government does is only maya, or illusion. I have the blessing of being able to see from the higher perspective and the reasons for things being a certain way is not as they appear. Those operating from a 3rd dimensional perspective can not understand the divine plan behind everything. They are limited to their personal point of view based on how it effects them personally. This is normal and to be expected. I do not find fault with this or have any judgement about it, I love and respect everyone wherever they are in their understanding. However, I was reminded what happens when I loose my focus on my heart and my divine spark within and how easy it is still to be dragged down into Maya. I don’t feel good.  This was a clear sign to me that I need to always stay focused and take the higher perspective. It is too important right now for those of us who can do this, must do this consistently to create Heaven on Earth. We must keep in our hearts and minds the Earth we wish to create, free of conflict, war, hunger and greed. Let us put our focus on peace, love, abundance and compassion for all beings. Let us not get drawn into discussions, however civil they may be about things that are really only illusion.

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