Golden Divine Ray of the Resurrection Flame

Aloha All, Just a reminder to check out the website and the retreats coming up soon! Today is the Golden Ray of the Resurrection Flame. “Focus on the energies of this flame for the resurrection and restoration of your inherited divinity. You are a divine being, experiencing human life, and learning from it. Because you have strayed in consciousness, your divinity has been veiled. As you invoke and merge with the purple and gold energies of the resurrection flame, you will start resurrecting all the gifts and attributes of your divinity. this wondrous flame prepares you for the final ritual of ascension. Ascension has been and still is the main purpose for your many incarnations on this planet.” Suggestion for bathing in this golden purple ray is to go outside tonight during the full moon and bath yourself and any crystals you may have in the powerful Cancer full moon energies.

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