Great Time for a Reading


Aloha All,
Well big surprise in the United States last night and I am sorry that what Quan Yin said, (that the election would not happen) didn’t turn out to be true. ( I personally think it might have if the FBI had decided to arrest Hilary, which I think she deserves, but that is just my personal opinion.) Trump is not President yet, he has two months to wait and who knows what might happen in those two months. Protests are happening and he might do something, who knows. Remember what St. Germaine said in my Sunday channeling. Ask the ascended masters to intervene and say I AM decrees for the country if you have them.
All we can really do is focus on creating the world we want to create and doing our part. This has to start with our own lives. If you need some help in knowing what to do,what is going to happen in your life, or how to manifest what you desire. Please call me for a reading or a retreat. (808) 856-1962. I have openings tomorrow and Sat. Please see the video testimonial on my website or my YELP reviews. I understand even more now why Quan Yin gave me the name for the retreat “Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin and St. Germaine” We need to lead with our hearts in everything we do. Blessings, Debbie

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