Happy Solstice

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

Aloha All,

“Can you feel the wonderful energy of this day coming to you from the great central sun? We are now in direct alignment with the center of our galaxy and are receiving many blessings from the spirit realm on this night. Keep your thoughts positive and on your most loving dreams for mankind at this time. Dream big! For all things are possible as your Creator gifts come online now. See the world at peace, even the Universe at peace for their has been conflicts going on that you are not aware of but are an important player in. Know that the ascended masters, angels and devic realms are all here to assist you. All you need do is ask! So open your ears this night and here the angelic choir singing joy at how magnificent you are, as God’s best most amazing creation. We love you more than you can even imagine. As you participate in the ceremonies of this season remember why you are having them. What each symbol means. Are there things you would change? Are there things you would let go? It is time to stop doing things by unconscious habit year after year and create your own celebrations, ceremonies and symbols. IF you are going to be in a ceremony do it with an aware consciousness. This is what we ask. It is your time. Blessings, Quan Yin and St. Germaine”

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