Higher Perspective

Aloha All, I have been thinking about all the turmoil in the country and the world right now because of the results of the election and the ensuing protests etc.. and of course as a human being living here I have my own personal opinions of everything but being a channel for the ascended masters I have learned that it is better to take the higher dimensional perspective and be in the world but not of it. What does that mean exactly? To me it means taking the position of the witness, and being an objective observer, because there are always many possible outcomes to anything, and by being able to step back and choose from a place of neutral observation I can pick what reality I wish to manifest. IF you get caught up in the emotional drama of fear and confusion that comes with listening to the media or others you are not able to have this perspective. I have been listening to the ascended masters messages about the situation and much of the outward appearance of what is happening is very unimportant in the greater design. They assure me things are going well, and we are making great progress, but it is up to us to keep our hearts centered in peace and love no matter what is happening around us. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. So if you are wondering what you can do on inauguration day instead of watching it on TV, or if you do want to watch it. I suggest no matter your personal feelings send love and light to the whole situation, especially for the country as a whole, all its people, environment, animals etc. Focus on what you love about the United States and let that fill you up. Think of the Statue of Liberty welcoming everyone in the harbor, holding a torch of light, think of the beauty of the Grand Canyon, or the Redwoods etc.. We are blessed to live in an amazing land with a Constitution inspired by St. Germaine who promises that the original intent of that great document will be restored. Namaste #5Ddoodlebug, www.compassionatehealing.biz

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