Important Message from the Kogi


Last night I went to the new moon sound healing ceremony and received a message from the Kogi Mamos that I shared. I feel it was such an important message I need to share it on my blog too. For those of you who do not know the Kogi are an indigenous tribe of people in Columbia South America. Currently, they live mostly high in the mountains as their lands down to the ocean have been stolen by drug dealers and their coca farmers. The Kogi are a peaceful people and do not have weapons or fight back. They are trying to raise money to buy back the lands stolen from them. They have an ambassador to the U.N., that I have met in person, and he tries to inform the “little brother”, as they call us, of the plight of the Earth. The Kogi have reached out at this time because they feel if they die the planet will die. They feel responsible and want us to join them in this responsibility, to grow up!

So the Mamos are their seers, or elders, they can see anywhere in the world and communicate telepathically. So last night a Mamo that I had met before, came to me and gave me this message.”I would like all of the women to go into their womb space this winter and connect with their power, to hold space for everyone on Earth to ascend with her. She said the Earth will ascend with our without us and if we want to go with her now is the time. She says we always wait until the last minute and the time is now. This winter will be very hard and by spring we will know if we are going to make it or not. IF not we have to start all over again. She is happy that so many have started to wake up. She says do not forget to send your love and prayers to South America, because the rain forest trees are the lungs of the Earth. Send your energy all over the planet in a positive loving way, always remaining centered and connected to your center, grounded in the Earth. This duty is focused on the womb of women where life comes from. The women are to take the lead now and the men are needed to support them in whatever they feel needs to be done. Sisters go deep within, in the dark, to your cave and hold hands together, keep your focus, the time is now. I will be with you.”

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