Message from St. Germain

Message from St. Germaine,

Now is a very important time in your ascension process. There is beginning to be an ever widening gap between those who know the ultimate truth of the divine plan and those who get mired in the maya of everyday life on your planet. Those of you who truly know in your heart that all is in divine order, that love is the only ruler will be experiencing more and more enlightenment and happiness. Your life will flow because you know the way to create the reality you wish to experience everyday, no matter the outward appearance of the rest of the world. Not to say that you don’t care about your fellow human beings, on the contrary, we know you care deeply, but it is much more effective to teach others to be able to do what you do than to empathize so much that you are suffering with them. This is not the way. I have given this channel, and the other ascended masters are also sharing, the 5th dimensional way of creating your reality with other spiritual teachers to spread this as fast as possible for you have forgotten how to do this.

If you are too sensitive and effected by the suffering you see on the news then don’t watch it. Spend your time in meditation and prayer for what you do want the world to be. Your collective INTENTIONS are most important at this time. It is also very helpful to gather in groups to meditate on a common theme such as peace, love, compassion etc.. Please invoke my violet flame and repeat I AM Decrees everyday.
Much of what you see and hear are planned distractions, illusions and misinformation meant to keep the truth of how powerful you are from you. You have the ability to create not just paradise here on Earth but wherever you wish to be. The only obstacle in your way is your belief in this fact. So DREAM BIGGER! the perfection you seek. We are with you and only a thought away. Namaste, ST. Germaine

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