Moving On update

Aloha Everyone,
I am not going to be returning to Maui as planned. I will be going to IL to live for a while so I will be back on central time. I am still available for phone readings and long distance reiki sessions anytime. Don’t forget my books are available on for Kindle and paperback. I would love to have everyone who is interested buy my book for my birthday which is Sept. 6th! I have a few books that are only e-books and then my latest, My Spiritual Journey, How Learning Reiki Changed My Life is in paperback too. Please check them out. If you have already read my book, reviews on Amazon or my YELP page are greatly appreciated. thanks, Debbie

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  1. I was looking up Reiki healers in Cottonwood and came across your website. I am thinking about moving to cottonwood. Did you enjoy living there? Was it a safe place to live? I see you moved to Michigan. I have family there. It is nice there but probably a big change from Cottonwood.

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