Moving to IL Aug. 1st

Aloha All,  Just want to make it official if you have not heard I will be returning to IL in Aug. for two months then on to Sedona, AZ.  At least that is the plan, but we all know what God does when we make a plan.  I can’t really say this is divine guidance to do this, but really just my own personal feelings. I can work for spirit anywhere because someone was inspired to invent the telephone!  I miss my family and friends in IL and AZ and I my dear mentor, Auntie Pua is not on Maui anymore, so time to move on. I have taken  a lot of leaps of faith in my life and made major changes, and sometimes people think I am crazy or “not practical”, but I don’t regret any of them and I always experience such rewards by doing it. I have learned so much living on Maui and I plan on teaching about how to be Aloha wherever  I go. It is a legacy I take seriously and I feel could lead to world peace if everyone really understood it and embodied it. If you would like me to come to your area and hold a workshop on Aloha, or Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin and St. Germaine Please contact me. I am open to visiting anywhere on the mainland. (808) 856-1962

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