Muana Kea Protest

Aloha All,

I have been heart sore for the last few weeks as the Hawaiian people are again fighting to get respect and protection for their sacred places. There are many telescopes already on top of the sacred volcano Muana Kea, which Hawaiians believe is the place their Gods came down to Earth and started all life. There is no way someone who is not Hawaiian can understand the feeling of desecration they feel over these things being built on this land. Now the government has given permission for a multi-national corporation to build an 18 story telescope on the mountain. This is not necessary! They have another location they could build it on. Instead Hawaiian kapunas have been arrested as they chained themselves to the cattle guards on the road to block the construction crews. Please send them your prayers, your aloha and do what you can to help them. Contact the lawmakers in Hawaii and in Congress from Hawaii, tell them to stop this disrespectful action. Send them donations for bail money and court costs. They are also feeding and taking care of all the protestors who are still on the mountain. They are even teaching Hawaiian history and language classes making the best of the time people are spending up there. Call the Governors office as he is the one who is backing the construction company and lying about conditions in the protectors camp. Mahalo for your help.

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