New Location to Give Readings

Aloha Everyone,

Just an update on what I am doing. I will be giving readings at the Namti Spa in Sedona a few days a week. I will do group and couple readings and individual sessions too. I am excited to have a place that I can be of service to more visitors to Sedona. I will also be doing phone readings there.

On another note, those of you who follow me on facebook know that I have really been feeling the volcano on Big Island of Hawaii lately. I feel it is part of the Earth changes that are necessary, and it is also a reflection of the changes in the hearts of all those on Earth. Because Hawaii is a heart chakra location it is reflecting the changes of heart awakenings people are going through at this time. That can be a painful but necessary and beautiful process. It is time for everyone to learn to live from the heart and I can see these happening in many different ways. One thing I noticed was the amazing response to the Illuminate film festival happening here in Sedona in July. The films are all very uplifting to the human spirit and will inspire many as the all access passes are already sold out! I met the director of the festival, and she says¬† it has grown in size in an amazing way every year since it began. People are ready to learn their soul purpose and follow their hearts to achieve it. I can tell you that the ascended masters are very pleased and ready to help anyone who asks. So don’t be shy.¬† Blessings, Debbie

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