New Reiki Manual

Aloha All,
I am happy to let you know that I have finished my new Reiki manual for teaching Reiki classes. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time after teaching Reiki for the last 18 years. This book is based on the book from my Reiki teacher, and handed down to all our students exclusively. I have always had to copy each book for each student one at a time, but now I want to have it published so others can buy this wonderful book. As my students know it has much more helpful information in it then a standard Reiki manual and I have added to it since the last class I taught. As a channel for Quan Yin she has added new information to the manual. I am letting you all know about this so you can pre-order a copy of the manual and if you are a Reiki teacher it will have an additional appendix for the teacher. I need to raise money to have it published, so I am asking for donations and if you donate $50 or more I will send you an autographed copy when it is finished. I have sent many people free distant Reiki over the years and I hope that all of you will support my effort to publish this manual. I would also like my Reiki students and their students to preorder copies to teach with and to have a very clean organized copy of the manual. You can send me donations through paypal on my website. If you want a copy of the manual please let me know that and your mailing address. Thank-you, Sincerely, Debbie

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