New Solar Year

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

Aloha All,
The new year started on Sunday with the new moon. I channeled at the new moon sound healing ceremony at Lumeria Maui and gave some healing tones from Quan Yin. It was a wonderful night. I hope many of you have listened to the whole evening on the live facebook video which I posted on my facebook page. IT is long, but if you have a few hours to just relax and listen it is a wonderful way to start your new year. I don’t remember everything I said because I was in trance but I will share a few things I do remember. Mother Mary and Quan Yin were both there standing beside me. There was a large angelic presence outside the building with other ascended masters surrounding us in the room. They said, We are being tested to see if we will move into the new world and survive or have to start over again. This is the 5th world spoke of in prophecy and we are meant to survive it, but it largely depends on our ability to stay focused on creating the New Earth (which they showed me floating in the center of the room, pristine and free of all pollution) or will we destroy ourselves again. We are directly aligned now with the great central sun and when this cycle has come around before there was the Golden Age of Greece and later the Renaissance. We are meant to remember the old “technologies” that the indigenous people have been keeping alive for this time. Creating in the 5th dimensional way involves prayer, meditation and intention and above all knowing we are Creators. There was more they shared but you will need to listen to the video to hear it. It was very positive and encouraging and full of love. Blessings to all for a wonderful 2017.

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