Planting Seeds

Aloha all,
I planted some seeds this week of different herbs in pots to recognize the first day of spring and do a ceremony for what I would like to manifest the rest of the year. This started me thinking about what happens when we plant seeds in our life of things we want to do or have and what happens when we are waiting to see the manifestation of those intentions. The seeds I planted said they will take one to two weeks to sprout, so of course, I will be patient for two weeks and water them and make sure they get sun and they will probably start sprouting. But what if they don’t? What if after two weeks nothing has happened? I will probably get impatient and wonder what is wrong. Did I over water? Do I need to move them to a sunnier place? Maybe the seeds were too old.
But what if I have faith and just wait, and in three weeks all the seeds are coming up and I am happy again. Now the first two weeks there was no problem, I had faith that everything was going well, even though I couldn’t see that, but I got worried and lost faith when they did not come up as fast as expected. So I realize we do this in our life too. IF things are not manifesting as quickly as we think they should we get impatient, we lose faith, and this is what makes all the difference, whether or not something manifests or not. Our belief in ourselves as powerful creator beings, that we are entitled to all the good the Universe has to offer, that the intentions we put out through our thoughts and feelings are always answered this, is the most important thing to hold on to with clear focus. As Jesus said,”With the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains.” I choose to believe this now and so it is. If you are interested in spiritual counseling or a channeled reading give me a call. (808) 856-1962 Namaste, Debbie ( the tree in the picture is a jacaranda tree which blooms this time of year on maui. )

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