Raising Your Vibration

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

Aloha All,
Just wanted to give you a quick reminder about ways you can raise your vibration and keep it up during these chaotic times. As you may know we vibrate with the frequency of the Earth and her frequency has been increasing quickly, especially the last few years. The easier you make it on your body to make this leap of vibration with her the better you will feel. So first things to avoid. Avoid junk food, heavy metal music, negative people or situations, bars, hospitals, prisons or negative large crowds. If you have to be exposed to these things,(because you work at one of these places for example, use protection)
Things you can do to keep your vibration up. Eat food close to source, not processed. Lots of clean water and high vibrational music. Spend time in nature, sun gazing, swimming in the ocean or taking a salt bath. MEDITATION! Try to meditate at least 15 minutes everyday. If you have never meditated and need help give me a call. I teach different methods so you can choose what works best for you. Blessings, Namaste, Debbie

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