Ray of Light for the Day

Aloha All, I am going to start a new thing on my blog. I will be giving you one of the sacred ray colors and its meaning as a daily meditation. These are from Adama, who is the leader of the inner Earth city of Telos in Mt. Shasta.
tues-“the rose pink ray of divine Love of God is amplified. Focus on the transforming and healing influence of the energies of Divine Love. Love is the clue that creates, transforms, heals and harmonizes all things. Take time in your life to breathe it in and merge with this Flame of Divine Love. Love is the key to the power of multiplication of all good things you desire. As you merge with this Flame in a greater and greater measure, limitations start dissolving and you become the master of your destiny.” I would suggest visualizing yourself taking a bath in water the color of the ray of the day, even better if you can get into a tub and use a few drops of food coloring to turn the water the color of the ray for the day, along with some essential oils.

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