Reflections on the Women’s March

Aloha All,
I just want to say how excited I was personally to see so many people around the world be motivated enough to get out and March on Saturday. As Mother Teresa said, “Please do not ask me to protest against anything but for something.” I hope the people who marched kept this in mind and have ideas and feelings about what they want to manifest. I saw there were signs in both directions. I am sure it goes beyond who the President is, but I don’t think there would have been such huge crowds if the other candidate had won. I trust the ascended masters that all is in divine order even though I was scratching my head as I watched the campaigns. James Gilliand makes the point that Trump is someone who is not in bed with the Illuminati and is willing to go against them. So we will see, what happens. Of course, there are many things he has done already that are really, bad but I am trying to remember to stay in the higher perspective. Please watch Sunday’s channeled messages from Quan Yin and St. Germaine posted on my facebook page. Mahalo, Debbie

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