Reiki is universal life force energy that is drawn through the giver and given to the receiver through the hands with a light touch on or above the body. The person is fulling clothed and laying on a massage table.  It is effective for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues helping the body heal and restore balance. It is very relaxing and people often fall asleep when receiving it. It can also be sent long distance and is just as effective in this way as a hands-on treatment. I recommend Reiki treatments for a variety of issues but it is great for people who are having a lot of stress in their life and need relaxation and emotional healing. It can help with PTSD, trauma and even past life issues. It has its own intelligence and goes where it is needed for the person’s highest good.

Anyone can learn how to perform Reiki on themselves and others. If you would like to take a class I am also a Reiki master teacher. There are three levels of Reiki.

Level 1- is hands on so you need to be in the aura of the person you are giving a treatment. It also is focused more on physical healing.

Level 2-You learn symbols to send the Reiki energy long distance to a person and the symbols allow you to work more on emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Level 3- Is the master level if you want to learn to become a teacher.

All my classes include a very detailed book with lots of helpful information, a hands-on treatment from me, time to practice and two attunements.  (attunements tune you to the energy of Reiki) All classes take about 4 hours, depending on the number of students in a class. Classes are by appointment. Contact me for an appointment at (808) 856-1962