Sat. The Violet Ray of Transmutation and Freedom

violet flame

Aloha, Sat. is the violet ray of St. Germaine, the ray of transmutation and freedom. You should invoke and work with the violet flame everyday asking it transmute any negativity in your path, but especially on Saturday. ” On that day, focus on the many tones and frequencies of the Violet Ray. This ray is most magical. the Violet Flame is the frequency of change, alchemy, freedom from limitations, royalty and much more. As you fill your auric field and your heart with the wonders of this Violet Flame, its frequency will start clearing from your life the obstacles and karma that are obstructing the way to the realization of your mastery and divinity. Use the Violet Flame as much as you can each day, but especially on Saturday when this Ray is amplified in a greater way, and it will serve you well. ” Adama of Telos
Everyday I say, “I invoke the Violet Flame of St. Germaine to transmute all negativity in my path and also I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires. Repeat three times.

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