Spring is Here!

Namaste beloveds, New life is springing up all around you. You too will be seeing a new life for yourselves emerge in the coming days. We bring you great news of better things to come to your world. There is the promise that the energies of polarity in all its forms will come back into balance. What you call the divine masculine and divine feminine are finding their way back to each other in cooperation and love and appreciation for one another. There is a bright star headed your way bringing with it new energies that will uplift your souls in joy. You are feeling now the changes it is bringing to your bodies like when a tree is filled with new sap in the spring you are growing faster now. The long winter is over and it is time to stretch, take a deep breath, and fill your cells with the light of the great central sun beaming down new frequencies to move you into the higher dimensions. Be at a peace that all is well and going according to plan despite outward appearances. We are always here to help you. We are hoping you have noticed how much clearer our voices are to you when we speak now. There has been a major improvement in this area for many of you. Please take the time to meditate and listen for us. Ask us anything you need help with. We are here for you. Be well be in peace. Your ascended masters.”

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