St. Germaine Assistance

Aloha All,

Today I want to remind everyone to call upon the violet flame of St. Germaine to help you in your daily life everyday by saying. “I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires.”  say 3 times. You can also say, ” I invoke the violet flame of St. Germaine to transmute all negativity in my path.”  Also please send the violet flame and ask all the archangels to help the people in Texas effected by the hurricane and flooding. Whatever caused such a horrible disaster, doesn’t really matter, but the amount of compassion and assistance we give them is important.

St. Germaine is speaking through me now and has taught me his 5th dimensional way of manifestation so if you are interested in learning a method of manifesting from your heart please join me for my workshops. Sept. 9th in Galesburg, IL and Sept. 16th in Pontiac, IL.  from 12-4 cost is $77. In the workshop we will do guided meditations and I will channel St. Germaine and Quan Yin and answer your questions.  Please call me for more information.  (808) 856-1962

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