Sunday Morning Talk

Aloha All,
I hope the meditation last Sunday on the live channeling helped you all relax and center in this very chaotic energy that is happening right now. Besides, all that is happening in 3-D there are many strong solar energies that are coming in also that influence our emotions and can create all kinds of physical symptoms too. Personally I end up sleeping as much as possible and don’t feel like doing very much. Some of you will be feeling a great deal of anxiety, fear etc.. Please reach out for help if you need it. Go for a walk in nature or swim in the ocean. Resist the temptation to eat junk food and try to eat healthy fresh food close to source. Even though the energy from the sun is intense right now, take in as much of it consciously into your cells as possible. Women please go outside and put your stomach on the Earth and connect with her. I really want to ask if you have any interest in coming to the retreats in Sedona or IL or seeing me for sessions while I am there contact me right away. (808) 856-1962. Namaste, Debbie

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