Super Moon Energies

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This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

Aloha All,

How are you feeling after the super moon lunar eclipse? Personally I did not feel  much from this one, probably because of where it is in my astrological chart. Those of you in water signs probably felt a lot more.  However, we can all use the energy that is coming to us at this time to manifest things we desire and also to let go of anything you have left that is not serving you. Personally, I have done so many letting go full moon ceremonies, I don’t have a lot left to let go. In the material realm I am down to the basics that is for sure, I released anything I really didn’t need in my life on a regular basis. I moved into a furnished place in Sedona so I didn’t need to buy a lot to start over here. Emotionally, I have let go of even more after visiting my family and realizing they are doing ok, and there is not much I can do for them at this point except pray. Being an empath one of the hardest things for us to do is let go of trying to fix things for others but we are not responsible for other people’s path. So my new policy is no helping unless I am asked to do it or it is also beneficial to me in some way. I can tell you that this year is for learning how to manifest and use what we have learned in our daily lives. DISCERNMENT  is the word for this year and is going to be critical in decision making and who you associate with etc.. Make sure you are checking everyone and every thing out with your own inner guidance before you make it a part of your life. Try not to spread information that you are not sure is the real truth. There will be a lot of fake, misleading, scamming and false prophets going around. Many temptations of get rich quick schemes etc..will be out there now as things are not going to be any less chaotic than they have been the last few years. Be aware and take care. If you are needing guidance I am available for phone spiritual counseling sessions at (808) 856-1962.  I recommend 3 half hour sessions for $133.00.  One session is $50.  Namaste, Debbie

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