Why I Love Reiki

I love teaching Reiki and giving Reiki treatments, because it is the energy of unconditional love.  Anyone can be taught Reiki, even children. Everyone loves to receive it, even animals, cars and plants. Reiki is wonderful for healing all levels of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It can clear karma. One of the best things about Reiki is that their are no special skills needed to give Reiki and you can leave your ego out of it. Reiki has its own intelligence and goes where it is needed. There is no need for the practitioner to know what is going on with the client or direct it in any way. Reiki turns on with your intention and does the highest good for the person being given a treatment, no need for you to know what that is.  Reiki will speed healing, reduce pain and anxiety and do whatever is needed. I will never forget the first Reiki treatment I received and how I felt wrapped in a blanket of love. I am forever grateful to my Reiki teacher for this special gift. Now Quan Yin works with me when I teach so I can add an extra special energy to the attunements when I teach. If you are interested in a class or a treatment please call me. Reiki can also be sent long distance.  (808) 856-1962 Namaste, Debbie

Valentine’s Day Special

Need a Valentine’s Day Reading? Are you with the one? Do you want to meet your soulmate? Buy a reading for yourself and pay half price for a gift certificate reading for someone else. This offer is only good until Feb. 15th. Order through paypal at paypal.me/Compassionateangel or use the paypal button on my website. www.compassionatehealing.biz
I have been known to be very accurate when I see the right person for you, I will describe them so you can recognize them, when you meet them. Readings are $50 (for one person). Call (808) 856-1962

The Power of I AM

St. Germaine

Aloha All, I want to share with you today the two most powerful words you can use to manifest your own reality. Those words are “I AM” When you say “I AM” before anything you are telling the universe in the present tense what your truth is and it has no choice but to manifest it for you. One of my favorite things to say after “I AM” is “I AM healthy, wealthy and wise.” If I start to feel insecure or afraid about anything I say this to myself until I feel better. Even better to shout this out loud because the power of the spoken word is powerful. God created the world with sound, by speaking it into being, and we can do the same. Speak your truth, be positive. Frame everything you say in a positive manner. Do not bother saying what you don’t want because the Universe doesn’t understand a negative so whatever you say will happen. You must manifest from a positive “I AM ” statement. So try it and see how quickly your reality changes into what you are wanting. I AM a channel for the Goddess of Compassion, Quan Yin. I AM your sister in love. Namaste

Reiki Classes

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Aloha All,

I have been teaching Reiki for 20 years and it is one of my favorite things to do. I love empowering people with a healing tool they can use on themselves, other people and even pets and plants. When you are a 2nd level Reiki practitioner you can even send Reiki to situations, long distance etc.. so many ways you can use it to help improve your life. For those of you who have only had level one I encourage you to take level 2 so you can use it for so much more. Level 3 I like to reserve for only those who are totally committed to becoming teachers themselves, which is a very fullfilling path. If you wouwomanld like to sign up for a class or just have questions please contact me at (808) 856-1962 or at Debbie@compassionatehealing.biz


New Video Sessions on Facebook

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Aloha All,

I have decided that Sundays at 9 a.m. will be a great time to do the live video chats on Facebook.
Some of you have already submitted questions for Quan Yin and I will ask her the questions during the chat. I also have some of my own questions to ask her about the election coming up but maybe St. Germaine will want to answer those, since it is more of his subject. We will see since I have never tried to channel over the internet before it will be interesting to see how it turns out. So please tune in tomorrow at 9 a.m. and participate. I am really looking forward to it. Blessings, Debbiewoman


Massage Locations

Aloha, If you would like to get massage services from me I am available upcountry in Makawao by appointment. I am also working in Wailea at 161 Wailea Ike Place at Patricia Medina’s office. I can also do out calls if necessary. Massage and Reiki are $85 an hour. $10 extra for out calls. Stay tuned for more classes and retreats and follow Compassionate Healing on facebook. I will be doing live weekly messages soon. Let me know when would be a good time to schedule the live messages and then you can ask Quan Yin questions in real time as I channel her. Remember I am on Hawaii time. Blessings, Debbiepic1

Class Topics

Aloha All,

I am interested in seeing what topics you all might be interested in learning.  If you have been on a spiritual journey for a long time or just started on the path, I would like to help with whatever I am able to do for you. Here are a list of topics I have taught in the past or would love to teach.  What  would you all like to learn about? Please let me know.    Reiki- I have been a reiki master for 20 years now and love to teach it.   Meditation- I like to help beginners get started with easy, short meditations and different methods according to what works for you.  Spirit guides- How to meet yours and how to work with them to help you in your life.  These are just a few topics. Please let me know your ideas. Blessings, Debbie@compassionatehealing.biz