Happy Summer Solstice

Reiki Healing Maui, Reiki Massage Maui, Compassionate HealingAloha and Happy Summer Solstice to all of us in the northern hemisphere and happy winter solstice to all in the southern hemisphere.  Solstice is a great time to have a ceremony, to reflect on the past six months and pray for what you would like to manifest in the next six months. Do not forget to express gratitude for all that you have been given and the harvest of all the seeds you planted in the spring now coming to fruition.  If you feel the seeds you planted did not sprout it is a great time to ask why and start again. Go within and ask. Was I really on the right track? Would those things have really made me happy? Was it just not the right timing? Ask for help from your angels and guides and plant seeds again. I am going to do  this today literally as the seeds I planted in March to represent my projects did not sprout. The only plant that survived was a clipping from another plant that I rooted in water and then planted and it is doing well. So I have to think what is the message in this for me?

Why I Love Reiki

I love teaching Reiki and giving Reiki treatments, because it is the energy of unconditional love.  Anyone can be taught Reiki, even children. Everyone loves to receive it, even animals, cars and plants. Reiki is wonderful for healing all levels of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It can clear karma. One of the best things about Reiki is that their are no special skills needed to give Reiki and you can leave your ego out of it. Reiki has its own intelligence and goes where it is needed. There is no need for the practitioner to know what is going on with the client or direct it in any way. Reiki turns on with your intention and does the highest good for the person being given a treatment, no need for you to know what that is.  Reiki will speed healing, reduce pain and anxiety and do whatever is needed. I will never forget the first Reiki treatment I received and how I felt wrapped in a blanket of love. I am forever grateful to my Reiki teacher for this special gift. Now Quan Yin works with me when I teach so I can add an extra special energy to the attunements when I teach. If you are interested in a class or a treatment please call me. Reiki can also be sent long distance.  (808) 856-1962 Namaste, Debbie

Summer Special

Aloha All,

I want to offer a summer special for my channeled readings. This way you can try out my readings and see if you would like to work with me on a more regular basis.  If you only have one question that you need help with. You can make an appointment or email me the question and I will answer it for $30.00 paid in advance. There is a paypal button on the website menu at the top of the page. IF you want an in person or phone reading you need to make an appointment and this special will be no more than a half hour long. This special will expire Sept. 1st 2017. Give me a call. (808) 856-1962

Visit Healing Maui

Today I want to share with you a story from my family. When I was in junior high my Grandfather passed away. We were exceptionally close to my Grandfather because my Mother was ill and my Father was absent. My two brothers and I lived with my Grandparents and my Mom. When Grandpa died we were all in shock. I remember my brother didn’t talk for days. My Grandmother cried every single night for a year when it was time to go to bed. It was so sad, and we were really worried about her. Some cousins of ours lived in Hawaii and so they decided to take my Grandmother there to cheer her up. She was so excited because she had always wanted to go to Hawaii, and it was one place my Grandfather never wanted to visit. She even got a passport, although she didn’t need one. Guess she thought it was a different country. The cousins hired an Hawaiian tour guide to drive Grandma around the island and she fell in love with him. She wanted to bring him back to Illinois with her. She came back with a completely new attitude and so healed from her grief it was amazing. I never forgot the effect of coming to Hawaii had on her. She brought me a loud Aloha shirt and I wore it to school at least once a week, which got me teased horribly, but I didn’t care. My Grandma wasn’t crying anymore and that shirt was my reminder of the magic of Aloha. If you need a healing vacation please come visit, I would love to be your tour guide and healing facilitator. Namaste, Debbie@compassionatehealing.biz (808) 856-1962

Sunday Morning Talk

Aloha All,
I hope the meditation last Sunday on the live channeling helped you all relax and center in this very chaotic energy that is happening right now. Besides, all that is happening in 3-D there are many strong solar energies that are coming in also that influence our emotions and can create all kinds of physical symptoms too. Personally I end up sleeping as much as possible and don’t feel like doing very much. Some of you will be feeling a great deal of anxiety, fear etc.. Please reach out for help if you need it. Go for a walk in nature or swim in the ocean. Resist the temptation to eat junk food and try to eat healthy fresh food close to source. Even though the energy from the sun is intense right now, take in as much of it consciously into your cells as possible. Women please go outside and put your stomach on the Earth and connect with her. I really want to ask if you have any interest in coming to the retreats in Sedona or IL or seeing me for sessions while I am there contact me right away. (808) 856-1962. Namaste, Debbie

Higher Perspective

Aloha All, I have been thinking about all the turmoil in the country and the world right now because of the results of the election and the ensuing protests etc.. and of course as a human being living here I have my own personal opinions of everything but being a channel for the ascended masters I have learned that it is better to take the higher dimensional perspective and be in the world but not of it. What does that mean exactly? To me it means taking the position of the witness, and being an objective observer, because there are always many possible outcomes to anything, and by being able to step back and choose from a place of neutral observation I can pick what reality I wish to manifest. IF you get caught up in the emotional drama of fear and confusion that comes with listening to the media or others you are not able to have this perspective. I have been listening to the ascended masters messages about the situation and much of the outward appearance of what is happening is very unimportant in the greater design. They assure me things are going well, and we are making great progress, but it is up to us to keep our hearts centered in peace and love no matter what is happening around us. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. So if you are wondering what you can do on inauguration day instead of watching it on TV, or if you do want to watch it. I suggest no matter your personal feelings send love and light to the whole situation, especially for the country as a whole, all its people, environment, animals etc. Focus on what you love about the United States and let that fill you up. Think of the Statue of Liberty welcoming everyone in the harbor, holding a torch of light, think of the beauty of the Grand Canyon, or the Redwoods etc.. We are blessed to live in an amazing land with a Constitution inspired by St. Germaine who promises that the original intent of that great document will be restored. Namaste #5Ddoodlebug, www.compassionatehealing.biz

Sat. The Violet Ray of Transmutation and Freedom

violet flame

Aloha, Sat. is the violet ray of St. Germaine, the ray of transmutation and freedom. You should invoke and work with the violet flame everyday asking it transmute any negativity in your path, but especially on Saturday. ” On that day, focus on the many tones and frequencies of the Violet Ray. This ray is most magical. the Violet Flame is the frequency of change, alchemy, freedom from limitations, royalty and much more. As you fill your auric field and your heart with the wonders of this Violet Flame, its frequency will start clearing from your life the obstacles and karma that are obstructing the way to the realization of your mastery and divinity. Use the Violet Flame as much as you can each day, but especially on Saturday when this Ray is amplified in a greater way, and it will serve you well. ” Adama of Telos
Everyday I say, “I invoke the Violet Flame of St. Germaine to transmute all negativity in my path and also I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires. Repeat three times.

Message from ST. Germaine, Critical

Aloha Everyone,
Message from St. Germaine, “We are at a critical time in your nation’s history. There is much going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of but that is of immense importance to your future as a country and the world. Your government must restore the intent of the founding fathers who were divinely inspired by myself, and their better natures, to create a truly free land that was soon hijacked by those with selfish intent. Know that since that time I have worked intently on restoring those original intentions supported by a monetary system that will be legitimate and not based on imaginary ones and zeros. I can not however do this alone. I ask for your assistance in this endeavor now, to recite the I AM decrees and invoke my violet flame to transmute all that does not serve the highest good of all. Please repeat 3X. I call on the Violet Flame of St. Germaine to transmute all negativity and ill intent everywhere and in everyone involved in the governance of the United States and all governments in the world.”  This is a very simple and short decree. If you have  the I AM decree book 5, please repeat the decree on page 157 and any others you feel will be helpful at this time. Please share this message far and wide as time is short and our mission  is critical.  In Peace, St. Germaine”

Psychic Gifts or Mental Illness?

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.
This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

Aloha All,
I feel the need to clarify a few things because the issue between whether or not someone is mentally ill or really experiencing psychic gifts has been coming up. Sometimes if you meet someone and they talk about hearing spirit or voices or whoever in their head it is hard to tell if this is due to mental illness or psychic gifts that they are not yet able to control. I am not a doctor, let me make that clear, but I do have a degree in Psychology and many years of being around people with mental illness both personally and in my work experience. I can give some guidelines about how to tell the difference. First of all someone who is truely psychic does not usually experience non-stop annoying voices that berate or belittle them or tell them to hurt themselves, this is a red flag it is mental illness. Second, someone who is truely psychic can learn from a young age to ignore and screen out spirits that they do not want to bother them at inappropriate times. Someone who is a healthy psychic (or a person who goes to one) does not depend on their guides for every little decision in their life. We all have free will and most things we do not even need to ask spirit to help us. For example, “what should I eat for breakfast?” IF you find yourself not being able to make a decision without calling a psychic first that is a problem and you should stop. IF you are constantly hearing voices that will not leave you alone and they are telling you to do bad things or belitting you please get professional help. This is not claraudience or telepathy. ON the other hand if once in a while, you see or hear from someone who is passed or you get strong intuitions that you dont know where they are coming from, you maybe a psychic or medium or both. IF you want to explore these gifts or just need someone to talk to about your experiences I am happy to help. Blessings, Debbie

Angels Among Us

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.
This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

I have no doubt that their are angels among us everyday, helping us do everyday things. Have you ever called on the Parking Angels to help you find a good space? I do this all the time and get great results in places that are usually crowded like Costco. Most people think of angels as having wings and being in the air flying around and I am sure they can take this form if they want to, but I think more often they look just like us. It maybe the man who suddenly appears with a tow truck when your car breaks down on a lonely road, or the stranger who finds you when you are lost hiking. More often than not these people show up in the nick of time, disappear as soon as you are ok and you never see them again. Sometimes an angel is the homeless man begging for change on the street to teach us compassion. A good reason to always be kind to everyone, because you never know who might really be an angel in disguise. This applies to people you already know too. I have had many angels help me in my life who I consider normal human beings except for their exceptional kindness to everyone. Are they actually angels that are not even aware of who they really are themselves? Be someone’s angel today even if you are not one. I am sure you will feel so good afterwards you might even be able to fly.