Teaching Reiki


Today I am so happy because I am teaching a Reiki I class. Teaching Reiki and giving someone a wonderful tool to help themselves and others heal is one of my favorite things to do. I know that everyone who learns Reiki and uses it increases the light on the planet. Reiki can be used with regular medical care and will speed up healing time and reduce pain and side effects. It will also help a person with the anxiety that comes with being ill. But Reiki isn’t just a tool for the sick it can improve all aspects of one’s life. For example, it can be used to achieve personal peace and spread peace in your family and the world. It can be used to heal situations. We can send it to the water to clean it of polution. There are many different ways we can use the loving energy to help ourselves and the world. If you are interested in taking a Reiki class please give me a call. I teach when the students show up. Namaste, Debbie (808) 856-1962

Important New Information Coming Through

pic1Aloha All,

St. Germaine, Quan Yin the other Ascended Masters and even Adama of Telos have told me that I will be teaching a series of workshops in a retreat setting in different power spots around the world.  These workshop/retreats will have different topics all related to preparing ourselves for ascension and living in a fifth dimensional way. These teachings are coming out now so we can be the wayshowers to others. We will be the example for others to follow. This is information that we were once aware of but have lost and now must be reminded of. I am not the only person who is passing on this information and I encourage you to attend any classes you feel called to. Another teacher who, I highly respect and have  followed for years is Virginia Ellen who will be teaching on the Big Island soon. So if you want to attend the retreat on Maui this weekend there is still space available. If not stay tuned for more retreats in other locations in the future such as Sedona, AZ and Mt. Shasta, CA.    Namaste, Debbie

How I Became a Channel

Aloha All,

Just wanted to give you all some background of how I became a channel. I first started to get psychic impressions from clients when I became a Reiki practitioner and then a Reiki master. I joined a Reiki share group and had a lot of psychic friends. One day one of these friends said  that someone was trying to speak through me and I needed to sit down and listen. So next time  I was meditating I said, OK,  I am listening who are you?  This man started speaking very fast to me in French, but I don’t speak French, so I said please speak in English and slow down. I got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down what I heard. He said his name was Pierre Telurad de Chardin, I had no idea who he was at the time and had to google him  to find out. What he said was so profound and so not at all like I speak I knew it was not coming from me and was not my imagination.  I continued to channel messages from him for a few years. Eventually, I ended up channeling others like Abraham Lincoln and Quan Yin. Sometimes I channel in writing and sometimes through my voice.