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Reiki Healing Maui, Reiki Massage Maui, Compassionate HealingAloha All,

I arrived in IL last week and went straight to the hospital to see my niece who was very sick. Thank God and all the nurses and doctors  who saw her safely home by the end of the week. So now that she is better I have had time to acclimate to being back on the mainland and the different energy that it has. I am looking forward to connecting with all my old friends and clients. I have a workshop set up for Sept. 9th in Galesburg, IL at the Inner Wisdom Bookstore from 12-4. It will be $77.00. The topic is “Manifesting Through the Heart with Quan Yin and St. Germaine”  a 5th dimensional way to manifestation instead of a 3-d way. I will also channel for everyone at the workshop.  Please register in advance by calling me at (808) 856-1962 there is limited space available.

Ascension Ceremony Offered

Aloha All,

I am happy to announce that the ascended masters have asked me to continue the work of Aurelia Louise Jones in offering ascension ceremonies.  Aurelia initiated many candidates in her home in Mt. Shasta over the years.  The ascended masters said in my Sunday live channeling that these ceremonies need to continue for those who want to make the commitment to their own ascension and to help everyone ascend.  Each time the ceremony is performed the energy builds and the chalice of light is increased and is encompassing the whole of the Earth.  Here is a quote from the book, “The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortality”  Adama leader of Telos speaking:” Ascension does not require the doing of so many things, but is all about becoming, embracing and remembering to live your lives as the God/Goddesses that you are. It means fully embracing the divinity that already exists within you through the expansion of your consciousness as Beings of Love, and living from the wisdom of the heart. It is that simple, my beloveds. If you become this, you do not need anything else. All this already exists and lives within you. I remind you that there is nothing outside the SELF. ”

So I will be hosting the ascension ceremony once a month in my home on Maui and wherever I am when traveling. If you are interested in attending the ceremony on Maui it will be on June 21st, summer solstice at 7 p.m. Please call to reserve your spot. There will be a small fee of $10. (808) 856-1962

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New Testimonial

Aloha All,  Just wanted to share a wonderful new testimonial I received from a client about my healing work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEwlg2h_CbEv

You can also see some old channeled messages on YOUTUBE as well as some of the facebook live channels.

Please join me tomorrow for Wesak festival, and celebrate the day Buddha became and enlightened being. We are doing a meditation mob here on Maui at the beach and a water blessing.


Wesak Peace Meditation

Aloha All,
Next Wed. May 10th, is celebrated as Buddah’s birthday, actually it is the day he ascended and became an enlightened being. Wesak is a very important day because the ascended masters gather in Tibet at this time every year and send blessings to all sentient beings. It is a good day to focus on manifesting peace on Earth and the ascension of all. This year especially it is important to keep sending feelings of light, love and peace to all in ceremony with others. I propose having a gathering wherever you can with like minded souls. I will be hosting a gathering on Maui at the beach and we will also bless the water. I suggest you take a crystal bowl and fill it with water and let it be blessed by your prayers and left over night to receive the energies of the Wesak full moon and the ascended masters blessings and then share the water with all the people who attended and drink it for healing. If you live near a body of water pour some in it to heal the water too. Please let me know if you have a gathering in your area. Create Facebook event and invite people. We do create our own reality and it is time for all of us to step up and create the world of heaven on Earth we want.

New Beginnings

Aloha All, The first week in May is all about new growth. After a long winter of introspection it is time to go outside and plant seeds. I hope you have spent the winter well and have new ideas, projects and goals and are ready to plant the seeds that will sprout and bear fruit in the late summer. However, if you feel you are behind in this process and need some help in figuring out what you want to manifest or how to do it please contact me. I can tune in to your energy and help you figure it out. Blessings, Debbie

Story From My Dream

Aloha All, I woke up last night at 2 a.m. from a dream and I had to write it down, here it is.
Once upon a time there was a doctor in India with a very big secret. The doctor had discovered the cure for everything, every disease and ailment. The problem was if he told this secret he would put himself out of business, because people would be able to heal each other and would no longer need a doctor. So, he prayed to Buddha, “Buddha, please tell me what to do, I know the secret to healing everything but if I share I will be out of work. On the other hand, as a doctor, I would like every disease and ailment to be healed. What should I do?” and the Buddha said, “you must tell everyone your secret.” So being a dedicated Buddhist the man told everyone the secret and it spread all over India, but alas illness did not disappear as the doctor expected. Yes, some people had miraculous healing and many more people could heal others but still illness persisted. So the doctor went to the Buddha again and prayed, “Buddha I know my secret is the cure for everything and I told everyone but there is still illness in the world. Why didn’t it work?” and the Buddha said, “Not everyone can employ your secret, you did the right thing my son by telling everyone, but until everyone can perform your secret, you will not be out of work.” Do you know the doctor’s secret? Tune in on Sunday to the live feed on facebook and I will tell you all the answer.

Testimonial and Results

Aloha All,

Here is an old testimonial given for me from an old client. Since this time he has gone on to become a Reiki master and massage therapist himself. He was previously a plumber but retired and changed careers.
“A Few years ago I saw an ad in the paper for meditation classes one night a week for 10 weeks. I had never expeienced meditation before so I thought I would try it. The class included books to read, food to eat, and not eat, exercises to do, that would help ground me and increase the flow of the life force energy through my body as well as to quiet my mind. I had a very busy life which sometimes felt out of control. Being grounded and able to sit in quiet for even a few minutes a day made me a new person, in body, mind and spirit. After that class was finished Debbie told me they have a reiki group that meets once a week. What is reiki I asked? I have now been practicing reiki for about 9 years and Debbie has attuned me to reiki 1,2 and master reiki levels, with about 2 years between each step. I have met many like minded friends along this path and I now live my life in peace and harmony. I am blessed, as I now, like Debbie has always, shared these gifts with anyone who wants to experience the healing power of reiki in their life. Debbie is also a very skilled massage therapist and that combined with her reiki skills, makes her in my mind an Earth angel. My relationship with myself and life has a whole new meaning since meeting Debbie Dehm. Debbie has a very special place in my heart and I am a better person and blessed for having known her. Thank-you Debbie Dehm. Love and blessings, Matt Brennan”

Channeling from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Aloha All, Here is another old channeling from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin from Feb. 20th 2007.
“To be of service to your fellow man is a great calling. Providing any kind of relief from pain and suffering is the work of great hearts. Hearts that can put another before themselves, hearts that beat as one with all of humanity. These are great hearts, not everyone is called to express in this manner. Those who do are truly blessed themselves. For it is in service to others that we can relegate the ego to its proper place, one of a servant instead of the master of the individual. Go and do service and you will be rewarded in ways you can’t imagine now. For Love is all there is and you are adding to the river every time you touch another with your love. Blessings to you all.”

Throwback Channeling

Feb. 26th, 2017- Aloha, Today I would like to share an old channeling from my first year of doing it. The first person I channeled was actually Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest and philosopher. Here is his message about the meaning of a Sanskrit word “Namaste”
March 20th, 2003 “Namaste, The God in me sees the God in you. Think of the problems that would be solved overnight if we truly saw ourselves and each other this way. For it is not enough to only look on your brother as part of the God spark, but also do not forget that you also are that divine spark of infinite intelligence that creates all things. Don’t run from the magnificence of
who you truly are and what you can do. Don’t give your power away to a government, a boss, a religion or even a loved one. Each one of you are God. Feel that with your heart, for you cannot comprehend the reality of it with your mind. The mind is an ego trap. You must use your feelings to experience joy, peace and love. They are not mental concepts they are feelings. How many of you feel them? Stretch those muscles, your heart is the biggest muscle in your body for a reason. Use it! Look into the eyes of your brother, lover, sister and children and see God there and then look in the mirror and see Him there too. Namaste, Pierre.”

Valentine’s Day Special

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