Now available in IL

Aloha Everyone,

Debbie here your gypsy friend. I have landed in IL at my nieces house for now. I am enjoying babysitting her little boy. I just got a car and will be able to make house calls for Reiki and Readings. Would also love to teach some classes on Reiki and Hooponopono. Please contact me if you are interested. My phone number is still the same. (808) 856-1962 or

I will be making some YOUTUBE video’s of classes that will be available for purchase too and some free channeled messages for everyone when I get settled in and can meditate. I am on Parler now and I invite you all to join me there if you want a social media platform with no shadow banning and censorship. Although I have never been kicked off facebook or twitter I notice fewer and fewer people can see my posts. The internet was always intended to be a free and open forum for the sharing of information, let’s keep it that way. In my channeling of Pierre Teilurad de Chardin he has told me that the internet is only a precursor to the time when we are all able to connect telepathically. I suggest you start practicing this ability we all have with your friends and family. Take care, and keep riding these crazy waves of energy. Blessings, Debbie

Hooponopono Sessions

Aloha All,

I taught a class yesterday about hooponopono and while I was preparing for the class I decided to offer facilitated hooponopono sessions. Traditionally a kahuna would help families or any two parties settle disputes using hooponopono. I spent 8 years on Maui learning from Auntie Puanani Mahoe and a year before that being mentored by Auntie April Whitecloud, both of these amazing kahunas taught me how to be aloha, to be the diplomat in situations to help others come to agreement while making everyone feel heard and valued.

Many of you have probably heard the four phrases used in hooponopono of, I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you, I love you. but this is only part of the process. Before this is said there is a process of prayer, discussion, restitution etc.. that is mediated by the kahuna.

Auntie April also taught me a method individuals can do this process by themselves if the other person is not willing or able to be involved. The directions for that can be found on my Etsy shop. “Compassionatehealing” under psychic readings. But if you would like me to facilitate your hooponopono sessions please contact me and make an appointment. Fee will be $60 per hour. Blessings, Rev. Debbie

Leaps of Faith



Aloha All,
Today I have been thinking about all the leaps of faith I have taken to get me where I am today. I can tell you very distinctly, when I feel the first big leap I took was and what happened as a result, and there have been many since then. Usually when I make these big leaps someone in my life or maybe a lot of people think I am crazy, or I can’t do it, or it will fail etc… but I can’t listen to them. I can only listen to spirit and my higher self. When I know I am supposed to take a leap of faith I have to do it. I can tell you that I have not regretted any of them. No matter how difficult or how far out of my comfort zone, something good always happens when I just trust and do it. The naysayers are always amazed at the result. Well, that is because they are the kind of people that have to stay in their comfy security and their mindset of what a “normal” or “successful” life looks like. I hope they are happy and satisfied with their life but that is not for me. I have to do what spirit leads me to do. Usually at these times it has something to do with changing where I live or how or where I work etc.. and I do get scared but I always tell myself that I work for God and he is the best boss anyone could have. I know he/she takes care of me always. Right now I am going through the transition of one of those leaps, but I know what my work assignment is and I am moving right along working for God, knowing that I am blessed. IF you would like to know more about what has happened to me on my journey or would like encouragement taking your own leap of faith, please contact me through my website or email I might write a book about this so if you would be interested in a book like that please let me know that too.