Reiki Class Feb. 26th

Hi Everyone, I hope you are putting out your moon money. If you don’t know about new moon money give me a call and I will tell you about it. Feb. 26th I will be teaching a Reiki I class and a Reiki 2 or 3 class if there is interest. I have been teaching Reiki for 25 years and I love to pass this knowledge on to new practitioners. More Reiki energy in the world benefits everyone. My Reiki students are given a wonderful book and will give and receive treatments during the class. Level 1 or 2 is $175 and takes about 4 hours. CEUs are also available for massage therapists.

Arizona Update

Aloha All,

Just a quick update about how things are going in Arizona. This a picture of the sweet little pond across the road from where I am living. It has ducks, geese, and swans who are fed by lots of people who live around here. It is nice to have a body of water near by after living on Maui. I am working at Namti Spa in West Sedona four days per week. The rest of the week I am enjoying connecting with old friends. I am also still looking for a place to give readings in person. I am available for readings by phone and I now have an Etsy store for readings too. I have been doing group channelings on special occasions at Sacred Elements in Sedona. If anyone is planning on visiting Sedona, I am offering to be your personal spiritual tour guide to help you connect with the energy of this special place and reach any personal goals you have in your spiritual path.  Please give me a call. (808) 856-1962

Bible References

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

Aloha All,
I randomly opened the Bible yesterday to receive some inspiration and this is the verse I opened it to First Corinthians ch. 12-verses 4-11 “Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit;and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord;and there are varieities of working, but it is the same God who inspires them all in every one. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the commmon good. To one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. All these are inspired by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each individually as he wills.” Sometimes I am questioned about my work by those who don’t beleive it is inspired by God. I hope this quote lays those fears to rest. I do believe in God, one God, and the holy spirit gives these gifts to those who would ask. Many references to these gifts were removed from the Bible but you can still find some of them. Happy Easter to everyone, and may we all rise in Christ Consciousness.

Essential Oils, Crystals and Biomat

I am renewing my interest in Young Living oils and am using them in my massage oil and diffusing them. These oils are high quality and therapeutic grade. My favorite is called Release, so good for healing emotional issues. I also use crystals and I have an awesome Biomat with infared heat and amethyst and tourmaline crystal embedded in it. I have a very special session I have not offered in a long time called Rainbow Healing, using all these tools and my channeling abilities. If you would like to experience a very unique massage or energy healing session please give me a call. (808) 856-1962. Special price $77.00 for an hour with oils and programmed crystal to take home.

Important Message from the Kogi


Last night I went to the new moon sound healing ceremony and received a message from the Kogi Mamos that I shared. I feel it was such an important message I need to share it on my blog too. For those of you who do not know the Kogi are an indigenous tribe of people in Columbia South America. Currently, they live mostly high in the mountains as their lands down to the ocean have been stolen by drug dealers and their coca farmers. The Kogi are a peaceful people and do not have weapons or fight back. They are trying to raise money to buy back the lands stolen from them. They have an ambassador to the U.N., that I have met in person, and he tries to inform the “little brother”, as they call us, of the plight of the Earth. The Kogi have reached out at this time because they feel if they die the planet will die. They feel responsible and want us to join them in this responsibility, to grow up!

So the Mamos are their seers, or elders, they can see anywhere in the world and communicate telepathically. So last night a Mamo that I had met before, came to me and gave me this message.”I would like all of the women to go into their womb space this winter and connect with their power, to hold space for everyone on Earth to ascend with her. She said the Earth will ascend with our without us and if we want to go with her now is the time. She says we always wait until the last minute and the time is now. This winter will be very hard and by spring we will know if we are going to make it or not. IF not we have to start all over again. She is happy that so many have started to wake up. She says do not forget to send your love and prayers to South America, because the rain forest trees are the lungs of the Earth. Send your energy all over the planet in a positive loving way, always remaining centered and connected to your center, grounded in the Earth. This duty is focused on the womb of women where life comes from. The women are to take the lead now and the men are needed to support them in whatever they feel needs to be done. Sisters go deep within, in the dark, to your cave and hold hands together, keep your focus, the time is now. I will be with you.”

Angels Among Us

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.
This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

I have no doubt that their are angels among us everyday, helping us do everyday things. Have you ever called on the Parking Angels to help you find a good space? I do this all the time and get great results in places that are usually crowded like Costco. Most people think of angels as having wings and being in the air flying around and I am sure they can take this form if they want to, but I think more often they look just like us. It maybe the man who suddenly appears with a tow truck when your car breaks down on a lonely road, or the stranger who finds you when you are lost hiking. More often than not these people show up in the nick of time, disappear as soon as you are ok and you never see them again. Sometimes an angel is the homeless man begging for change on the street to teach us compassion. A good reason to always be kind to everyone, because you never know who might really be an angel in disguise. This applies to people you already know too. I have had many angels help me in my life who I consider normal human beings except for their exceptional kindness to everyone. Are they actually angels that are not even aware of who they really are themselves? Be someone’s angel today even if you are not one. I am sure you will feel so good afterwards you might even be able to fly.

Massage Locations

Aloha, If you would like to get massage services from me I am available upcountry in Makawao by appointment. I am also working in Wailea at 161 Wailea Ike Place at Patricia Medina’s office. I can also do out calls if necessary. Massage and Reiki are $85 an hour. $10 extra for out calls. Stay tuned for more classes and retreats and follow Compassionate Healing on facebook. I will be doing live weekly messages soon. Let me know when would be a good time to schedule the live messages and then you can ask Quan Yin questions in real time as I channel her. Remember I am on Hawaii time. Blessings, Debbiepic1

Available Upcountry for Massage, Reiki, Readings

Aloha All,

I have opened up my schedule so I am available now by appointment in Makawao for massage, reiki or readings. If you would like to learn Reiki I would love to teach another class of Level 1 or 2. Please call for an appointment. The retreat is on for next weekend. Sept. 10th & 11th at the Temple of Peace, Aqualani Spa. Please call to register (808) 856-1962.
This month is going to be a wild ride for a lot of people with lunar and solar eclipses and the equinox, I know it has rattled my life, so if you need some extra healing support call me or any of your other favorite healers.
Namaste, Debbiea889b474f5998cd48c1537b1149dcbe1