Happy Summer Solstice

Reiki Healing Maui, Reiki Massage Maui, Compassionate HealingAloha and Happy Summer Solstice to all of us in the northern hemisphere and happy winter solstice to all in the southern hemisphere.  Solstice is a great time to have a ceremony, to reflect on the past six months and pray for what you would like to manifest in the next six months. Do not forget to express gratitude for all that you have been given and the harvest of all the seeds you planted in the spring now coming to fruition.  If you feel the seeds you planted did not sprout it is a great time to ask why and start again. Go within and ask. Was I really on the right track? Would those things have really made me happy? Was it just not the right timing? Ask for help from your angels and guides and plant seeds again. I am going to do  this today literally as the seeds I planted in March to represent my projects did not sprout. The only plant that survived was a clipping from another plant that I rooted in water and then planted and it is doing well. So I have to think what is the message in this for me?

Wesak Peace Meditation

Aloha All,
Next Wed. May 10th, is celebrated as Buddah’s birthday, actually it is the day he ascended and became an enlightened being. Wesak is a very important day because the ascended masters gather in Tibet at this time every year and send blessings to all sentient beings. It is a good day to focus on manifesting peace on Earth and the ascension of all. This year especially it is important to keep sending feelings of light, love and peace to all in ceremony with others. I propose having a gathering wherever you can with like minded souls. I will be hosting a gathering on Maui at the beach and we will also bless the water. I suggest you take a crystal bowl and fill it with water and let it be blessed by your prayers and left over night to receive the energies of the Wesak full moon and the ascended masters blessings and then share the water with all the people who attended and drink it for healing. If you live near a body of water pour some in it to heal the water too. Please let me know if you have a gathering in your area. Create Facebook event and invite people. We do create our own reality and it is time for all of us to step up and create the world of heaven on Earth we want.

Story From My Dream

Aloha All, I woke up last night at 2 a.m. from a dream and I had to write it down, here it is.
Once upon a time there was a doctor in India with a very big secret. The doctor had discovered the cure for everything, every disease and ailment. The problem was if he told this secret he would put himself out of business, because people would be able to heal each other and would no longer need a doctor. So, he prayed to Buddha, “Buddha, please tell me what to do, I know the secret to healing everything but if I share I will be out of work. On the other hand, as a doctor, I would like every disease and ailment to be healed. What should I do?” and the Buddha said, “you must tell everyone your secret.” So being a dedicated Buddhist the man told everyone the secret and it spread all over India, but alas illness did not disappear as the doctor expected. Yes, some people had miraculous healing and many more people could heal others but still illness persisted. So the doctor went to the Buddha again and prayed, “Buddha I know my secret is the cure for everything and I told everyone but there is still illness in the world. Why didn’t it work?” and the Buddha said, “Not everyone can employ your secret, you did the right thing my son by telling everyone, but until everyone can perform your secret, you will not be out of work.” Do you know the doctor’s secret? Tune in on Sunday to the live feed on facebook and I will tell you all the answer.

Visit Healing Maui

Today I want to share with you a story from my family. When I was in junior high my Grandfather passed away. We were exceptionally close to my Grandfather because my Mother was ill and my Father was absent. My two brothers and I lived with my Grandparents and my Mom. When Grandpa died we were all in shock. I remember my brother didn’t talk for days. My Grandmother cried every single night for a year when it was time to go to bed. It was so sad, and we were really worried about her. Some cousins of ours lived in Hawaii and so they decided to take my Grandmother there to cheer her up. She was so excited because she had always wanted to go to Hawaii, and it was one place my Grandfather never wanted to visit. She even got a passport, although she didn’t need one. Guess she thought it was a different country. The cousins hired an Hawaiian tour guide to drive Grandma around the island and she fell in love with him. She wanted to bring him back to Illinois with her. She came back with a completely new attitude and so healed from her grief it was amazing. I never forgot the effect of coming to Hawaii had on her. She brought me a loud Aloha shirt and I wore it to school at least once a week, which got me teased horribly, but I didn’t care. My Grandma wasn’t crying anymore and that shirt was my reminder of the magic of Aloha. If you need a healing vacation please come visit, I would love to be your tour guide and healing facilitator. Namaste, Debbie@compassionatehealing.biz (808) 856-1962

Angels Among Us

This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.
This illustration of an angel is on a soft wavy background giving a feeling of calm.

I have no doubt that their are angels among us everyday, helping us do everyday things. Have you ever called on the Parking Angels to help you find a good space? I do this all the time and get great results in places that are usually crowded like Costco. Most people think of angels as having wings and being in the air flying around and I am sure they can take this form if they want to, but I think more often they look just like us. It maybe the man who suddenly appears with a tow truck when your car breaks down on a lonely road, or the stranger who finds you when you are lost hiking. More often than not these people show up in the nick of time, disappear as soon as you are ok and you never see them again. Sometimes an angel is the homeless man begging for change on the street to teach us compassion. A good reason to always be kind to everyone, because you never know who might really be an angel in disguise. This applies to people you already know too. I have had many angels help me in my life who I consider normal human beings except for their exceptional kindness to everyone. Are they actually angels that are not even aware of who they really are themselves? Be someone’s angel today even if you are not one. I am sure you will feel so good afterwards you might even be able to fly.

Leaps of Faith



Aloha All,
Today I have been thinking about all the leaps of faith I have taken to get me where I am today. I can tell you very distinctly, when I feel the first big leap I took was and what happened as a result, and there have been many since then. Usually when I make these big leaps someone in my life or maybe a lot of people think I am crazy, or I can’t do it, or it will fail etc… but I can’t listen to them. I can only listen to spirit and my higher self. When I know I am supposed to take a leap of faith I have to do it. I can tell you that I have not regretted any of them. No matter how difficult or how far out of my comfort zone, something good always happens when I just trust and do it. The naysayers are always amazed at the result. Well, that is because they are the kind of people that have to stay in their comfy security and their mindset of what a “normal” or “successful” life looks like. I hope they are happy and satisfied with their life but that is not for me. I have to do what spirit leads me to do. Usually at these times it has something to do with changing where I live or how or where I work etc.. and I do get scared but I always tell myself that I work for God and he is the best boss anyone could have. I know he/she takes care of me always. Right now I am going through the transition of one of those leaps, but I know what my work assignment is and I am moving right along working for God, knowing that I am blessed. IF you would like to know more about what has happened to me on my journey or would like encouragement taking your own leap of faith, please contact me through my website or email Debbie@compassionatehealing.biz. I might write a book about this so if you would be interested in a book like that please let me know that too.

Live Facebook Channeling

Aloha All, So far 123 people have watched my first live video channeling on my facebook page, compassionate healing. Yeah! But these were mostly after it was posted not when it was live so please tune in at 9 a.m. Hawaii time if possible so you can participate and ask Quan Yin questions. So much going on in the world and you can ask her anything. I have found in 15 years of channeling her that asking the best questions get more detailed and revealing answers. There is so much going on in the world right now that I would love to know the answers to so please send in some questions. See you tomorrow. pic1

Teaching Reiki


Today I am so happy because I am teaching a Reiki I class. Teaching Reiki and giving someone a wonderful tool to help themselves and others heal is one of my favorite things to do. I know that everyone who learns Reiki and uses it increases the light on the planet. Reiki can be used with regular medical care and will speed up healing time and reduce pain and side effects. It will also help a person with the anxiety that comes with being ill. But Reiki isn’t just a tool for the sick it can improve all aspects of one’s life. For example, it can be used to achieve personal peace and spread peace in your family and the world. It can be used to heal situations. We can send it to the water to clean it of polution. There are many different ways we can use the loving energy to help ourselves and the world. If you are interested in taking a Reiki class please give me a call. I teach when the students show up. Namaste, Debbie (808) 856-1962

Massage Locations

Aloha, If you would like to get massage services from me I am available upcountry in Makawao by appointment. I am also working in Wailea at 161 Wailea Ike Place at Patricia Medina’s office. I can also do out calls if necessary. Massage and Reiki are $85 an hour. $10 extra for out calls. Stay tuned for more classes and retreats and follow Compassionate Healing on facebook. I will be doing live weekly messages soon. Let me know when would be a good time to schedule the live messages and then you can ask Quan Yin questions in real time as I channel her. Remember I am on Hawaii time. Blessings, Debbiepic1