Stop Playing Small

Aloha Everyone,

Today I want to write especially to all my lightworker friends and co-workers. I want to say that it is no longer ok to hide our light, to play small, to stay in the shadows. Many of us have done this for too long, feeling we are not safe or that we are not understood. Some of us remember past lives where we were tortured, imprisoned or even killed so we practice in secret. We struggle with abundance because we are afraid to put out there what we are really capable of. Some of you can do miraculous things, facilitate amazing healing, shift large areas of the Earth working with the grids. So many talents not being used to their fullest because we are afraid, or not confident enough to put it out there. I say no more! I want to shine my light so everyone can really see me and I hope all of you will join me. We also need to be compensated well for what we are doing. Tell people what you are able to do for them and then ask for proper payment. This is our work, our calling and worthy of payment like any other work. We are not doing this only for ourselves we are helping everyone. I had a situation recently where I did not set a clear boundary with what I expected to be paid for my work and I really regret it, so I say no more. I will ask for what I deserve for my time and effort. I hope you all will do the same.

Hooponopono Sessions

Aloha All,

I taught a class yesterday about hooponopono and while I was preparing for the class I decided to offer facilitated hooponopono sessions. Traditionally a kahuna would help families or any two parties settle disputes using hooponopono. I spent 8 years on Maui learning from Auntie Puanani Mahoe and a year before that being mentored by Auntie April Whitecloud, both of these amazing kahunas taught me how to be aloha, to be the diplomat in situations to help others come to agreement while making everyone feel heard and valued.

Many of you have probably heard the four phrases used in hooponopono of, I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you, I love you. but this is only part of the process. Before this is said there is a process of prayer, discussion, restitution etc.. that is mediated by the kahuna.

Auntie April also taught me a method individuals can do this process by themselves if the other person is not willing or able to be involved. The directions for that can be found on my Etsy shop. “Compassionatehealing” under psychic readings. But if you would like me to facilitate your hooponopono sessions please contact me and make an appointment. Fee will be $60 per hour. Blessings, Rev. Debbie