Michigan Massage Therapist License

HI All,

After a year of working on it I have finally got my Michigan massage therapist license approved, so I can practice all of my modalities in Michigan. I am looking for the right office situation to use for my practice. I might be at a spa or a chiropractor or possibly a counseling office. Just need to find the right fit. I will also be able to do house calls if needed but I will be particular about who I do that for. If any of my IL peeps would like to see me before the weather gets to bad please get in touch. I would drive down if I could line up about 4 massages over a weekend. Are you hosting a retreat somewhere and would like to have a therapist come and offer massage, Reiki or reflexology for your guests? Give me a call. After a full year of not giving massage I am eager to get back to it. Blessings, Debbie