Teaching Reiki

Aloha All,
I have been teaching Reiki for the last twenty years. I learned Reiki at the same time I became a massage therapist and it really added more healing to my massage work. I think every nurse, massage therapist or any healthcare worker should learn Reiki. They can help their patients and also themselves by using Reiki. I remember my Reiki teacher told me to be sure I wanted to learn Reiki because it would change my life and it did. Reiki opened up my psychic gifts, I healed a great deal myself, and it gave me a way to protect myself from picking up negative energy from others. It gave me a new philosophy of life to live by through the Reiki principles. I met a whole new group of friends to share Reiki with in a group which lead to many other new experiences in my life. I enjoy teaching Reiki and opening people up to all of the healing and spiritual growth that Reiki will give them. I will always be grateful to my teacher for sharing Reiki with me. I am working on getting my Reiki manual published so other teachers can use it for their classes. If you would like to take a Reiki class please contact me at (808) 856-1962. if you would like to donate to my self=publishing fund for the manual please visit my website at compassionatehealing.biz and click on the paypal tab. namaste

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