Testimonial and Results

Aloha All,

Here is an old testimonial given for me from an old client. Since this time he has gone on to become a Reiki master and massage therapist himself. He was previously a plumber but retired and changed careers.
“A Few years ago I saw an ad in the paper for meditation classes one night a week for 10 weeks. I had never expeienced meditation before so I thought I would try it. The class included books to read, food to eat, and not eat, exercises to do, that would help ground me and increase the flow of the life force energy through my body as well as to quiet my mind. I had a very busy life which sometimes felt out of control. Being grounded and able to sit in quiet for even a few minutes a day made me a new person, in body, mind and spirit. After that class was finished Debbie told me they have a reiki group that meets once a week. What is reiki I asked? I have now been practicing reiki for about 9 years and Debbie has attuned me to reiki 1,2 and master reiki levels, with about 2 years between each step. I have met many like minded friends along this path and I now live my life in peace and harmony. I am blessed, as I now, like Debbie has always, shared these gifts with anyone who wants to experience the healing power of reiki in their life. Debbie is also a very skilled massage therapist and that combined with her reiki skills, makes her in my mind an Earth angel. My relationship with myself and life has a whole new meaning since meeting Debbie Dehm. Debbie has a very special place in my heart and I am a better person and blessed for having known her. Thank-you Debbie Dehm. Love and blessings, Matt Brennan”

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