Throwback Channeling

Feb. 26th, 2017- Aloha, Today I would like to share an old channeling from my first year of doing it. The first person I channeled was actually Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest and philosopher. Here is his message about the meaning of a Sanskrit word “Namaste”
March 20th, 2003 “Namaste, The God in me sees the God in you. Think of the problems that would be solved overnight if we truly saw ourselves and each other this way. For it is not enough to only look on your brother as part of the God spark, but also do not forget that you also are that divine spark of infinite intelligence that creates all things. Don’t run from the magnificence of
who you truly are and what you can do. Don’t give your power away to a government, a boss, a religion or even a loved one. Each one of you are God. Feel that with your heart, for you cannot comprehend the reality of it with your mind. The mind is an ego trap. You must use your feelings to experience joy, peace and love. They are not mental concepts they are feelings. How many of you feel them? Stretch those muscles, your heart is the biggest muscle in your body for a reason. Use it! Look into the eyes of your brother, lover, sister and children and see God there and then look in the mirror and see Him there too. Namaste, Pierre.”

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