Violet Flame Is Real!

violet flame

Aloha All,   I would like to remind everyone to invoke the violet flame to transmute all negativity in your life. Say, “I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires.”  3x.  Say, “I invoke the violet flame of ST. Germaine to transmute all negativity in my path”. Call on ST. Germaine and all the ascended masters to restore the govt. to the original intent of the Constitution. It is up to us to manifest the world we wish to live in but we do have help, we just need to ask. The violet flame is real! I took this picture in Mt. Shasta as I was asking to connect with St. Germaine. The light was so big it was covering all the rocks and trees that I took a picture of. If you would like to work with the ascended masters ask!

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