Wedding Officiating

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I  just want to mention today that I am also a Rev. and can officiate weddings or other ceremonies. I love doing this and being a part of such an important day in a couples life. When I first started officiating weddings I wasn’t sure  how I felt about marriage and I questioned if it was really necessary or important to have a ceremony if two people were already committed to each other.  My doubts disappeared the first time I performed a wedding and felt the energy that is created when two people promise to be a couple in front of friends and family. There is a magic that happens that gives me chicken skin every time. Now I understand and belief that is very important. Two people come together and promise to share their life together they support each other and the sum of their separate energies are stronger and more than it would be if they are single individuals. So if you need an officiant for your wedding give me a call.

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