Where I am working now.

Aloha Everyone,

Just an update on what is happening. I am working at NAMTI day spa in West Sedona 4 days a week and will be giving readings at Crystal Gratitude two days a week. These are very busy places so if you want to see me please call and book an appointment in advance. I am so grateful for all the help my friends in Sedona and Cottonwood have given me since I arrived. I love them all so much, from finding me a place to live, having me over for Christmas dinner, helping me look for places to work etc..  You all rock and I would not be ok without you.  Friends, are so important, especially when you are single and  do not have a spouse or family to rely on.  Please tell your friends how much you appreciate them. I try to do that and return the favors when needed.  Remember a good deed is always rewarded but not always from the person you do it for.  We are all ONE connected family so it doesn’t matter when sends it back or who you pay it forward to.  Love, Debbie


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